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Why does the celebration bother Marullus and Flavius?

Why does the celebration bother Marullus and Flavius?

2. (b) Why does their celebration annoy Flavius and Marullus? Because Marullus and Flavius know that everyone used to cheer for Pomey, but not they cheer for Caesar, which makes them gullible and easily manipulated. You just studied 8 terms!

Why do Flavius and Marullus confront the crowd scene 1?

Two representatives of the Roman government, Marullus and Flavius, confront a crowd of commoners and demand to know why they are celebrating. Flavius chastises the commoners for their fickle loyalty, and he and Marullus decide to tear down decorations that were put up to celebrate Caesar’s victory.

What do Flavius and Marullus interrupt?

Marullus tells them to ask forgiveness of the gods for their thankless actions toward Pompey. The tribunes Flavius and Marullus are protectors of the common man’s rights. Today their job is to keep civil disorder from breaking out. After the commoners disperse, the tribunes discuss what they should do.

What else do Marullus and Flavius do to further hinder the celebration of Caesar’s victory?

Nor only do they confront the crowds arriving to celebrate Caesar at the games, but they take down the banners and decorations they find. They guilt the crowds about loving Pompey, who Caesar killed. They continue to drive the crowds away to diminish the number of supporters.

What actions do Marullus and Flavius take to correct the situation?

What actions do Marullus and Flavius take to correct the situation? They decide to go out and break up the crowds.. (“These growing feathers plucked from Caesar’s wing. Will make him fly an ordinary pitch.”) They hope if they can take the energy out of the crowds, they can regulate Caesar’s power.

What does Brutus love even more than his own life?

What does Brutus love (even more than his own life)? He loves Rome and the citizens of Rome.

How did Antony prove Brutus guilty?

He immediately lays down his love for Caesar, but also accepts his own death if Brutus and Cassius planned on killing him too. By playing up this honorable sacrifice and declaring that there is no better place to die than alongside Caesar, Antony gets Brutus to trust him.

How do Marullus and Flavius correct the situation?

What else do they do to further hinder the celebration of Caesar’s victory?

What actions do Marullus and Flavius do?

What four unnatural things has Casca witnessed?

In scene iii, Casca tells Cicero about strange, unnatural occurences in Rome on the day and night before Caesar’s assassination: a firestorm, a slave whose hand is on fire but does not suffer burns, a lion running around the capitol, frightened women who say they saw men in flames walking the streets, and an owl …

What things does Casca see that upset him?

The omens that Casca lists are actually four:

  • He has seen a common slave holding up a left hand which appeared to be burning like a torch, without causing any apparent damage to the hand;
  • He has seen a lion near the Capitol, who “glared” at him but then continued on its way without paying him any attention;