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Why does Mr Brown leave?

Why does Mr Brown leave?

The year that Okonkwo returns to Umuofia, Mr. Brown leaves for health reasons. Okonkwo is distressed because his return doesn’t cause the great stir he had imagined since his exile. The missionaries – their church, their government, and their trading stores – are occupying much of the Igbo’s thoughts and time.

Why does Mr Smith replace Mr Brown in things fall apart?

Reverend Smith is a missionary who replaces Mr. Brown as the new head of the Christian church. Reverend Smith is strict and uncompromising, the opposite of Mr. Brown who was kind, compassionate, and accommodating.

How did Mr Brown Act for converts?

How did he act to gain converts? He decided a frontal attack would not work. Instead, he built a school and a hospital. When the people began seeing results from their schooling, and had illnesses healed, they began converting.

What is the difference between Mr Brown and Mr Smith?

Unlike Mr. Brown, Reverend Smith is uncompromising and strict. He demands that his converts reject all of their indigenous beliefs, and he shows no respect for indigenous customs or culture. He is the stereotypical white colonialist, and his behavior epitomizes the problems of colonialism.

What is nwoye’s new name?

This is because Nwoye changed his name to Isaac, so that he would feel more part of Christianity. Achebe shows this change to show how Nwoye was not loyal to his Ibo culture and religion.

Why did Mr Brown go to Umuofia?

Mr. Brown, the first white missionary to travel to Umuofia, institutes a policy of respect and compromise between the church and the clansmen. He engages in long religious discussions with Akunna in order to understand the Igbo traditions, and he builds a school and a hospital in Umuofia.

Who killed the Egwugwu?

3023 how Enoch murdered an egwugwu.

What are the differences between Mr Brown and Mr Smith things fall apart?

Who is Okonkwo’s favorite child?

Ezinma is also Okonkwo’s favorite child, for she understands him better than any of his other children and reminds him of Ekwefi when Ekwefi was the village beauty. Okonkwo rarely demonstrates his affection, however, because he fears that doing so would make him look weak.

Why does Okonkwo hate Nwoye?

Okonkwo is frustrated by Nwoye because he reminds him so much of his own father, Unoka. Okonkwo is disappointed that Nwoye resembles Unoka in that he’s sensitive and often lazy. Okonkwo views these as signs of femininity which he believes is one of the most disgraceful traits an Ibo man can display.

What did Mr Brown say about the gods of Umuofia?

Brown. “Chukwu is the only God and all others are false.” As suggested by this dialogue in Chapter 21, Mr. Brown earns respect from Umuofia’s clansmen by spending time with them, learning about their beliefs.

Why did Enoch remove the Egwugwu mask?

Enoch responds by pulling the spirit’s mask off, a serious offense to the clan because, according to Umuofian tradition, unmasking an egwugwu kills the ancestral spirit.

Who was Mr Brown in the book Things Fall Apart?

The British thought so and expected them to agree. Achebe has said that he may have unconsciously modeled Mr. Brown, the white missionary, after G.T. Basden, a real-life missionary who worked among the Igbo in the early twentieth-century — a man who was a friend of Achebe’s parents.

Who is Reverend Smith in Things Fall Apart?

Reverend Smith replaces Mr. Brown, and in contrast to Mr. Brown’s policy of compromise, Mr. Smith encourages extreme acts to provoke the clan. He criticizes Mr. Brown’s methods, thinking that Mr. Brown sought nothing but numbers—as opposed to true powerful Christian faith—in his conversions. Reverend Smith is a more extreme religious leader.

Who are the characters in Things Fall Apart Chapter 22?

Things Fall Apart: Chapter 22. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Things Fall Apart, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Reverend Smith replaces Mr. Brown, and in contrast to Mr. Brown’s policy of compromise, Mr. Smith encourages extreme acts to provoke the clan.

When does Mr Brown preach caution in Things Fall Apart?

When tensions run high in the Christian parish in Umuofia, Mr. Brown is the first to preach caution. In Chapter 21, when a sacred python has been killed and rumor holds that a member of the new Christian church did it and has been cursed, Mr. Brown tries to spread calm.