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Who is Jodie Kidd dad?

Who is Jodie Kidd dad?

John Edward Aitken Kidd
Jodie Kidd/Fathers

Who is Jodie Kidds husband?

David Blakeleym. 2014–2015
Aidan Butlerm. 2005–2007
Jodie Kidd/Husband

What age is Jodie Kidd?

43 years (September 25, 1978)
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Who is Jodie’s sister?

Jemma Kidd
Debbie Parris
Jodie Kidd/Sisters

Does Jodie Kidd run pubs?

The Half Moon The pub was bought by English fashion model, racing car driver and television personality, Jodie Kidd in summer 2017. It re-opened late July 2017. The pub serves local beers including, for example, Harvey’s Sussex and Long Man Brewery Long Blonde.

Does Jodie Kidd have a child?

Indio Vianini Kidd
Jodie Kidd/Children

What is Jodie Kidd’s pub called?

The Half Moon
The Half Moon is a picturesque gastropub in a quiet village setting. The cottages (built 1640) that form the pub were once craftsman’s workshops for the village. The pub was bought by English fashion model, racing car driver and television personality, Jodie Kidd in summer 2017. It re-opened late July 2017.

Does Chris Evans still own the Mulberry Inn?

Virgin Radio DJ Chris Evans has owned the Mulberry Inn in Chiddingford, Surrey, since 2006. The cosy country pub features quirky cartoons of its owner, vintage French posters and an enviable selection of real ales and local ciders on tap.

Who owns the Half Moon at Kirdford?

supermodel Jodie Kidd
Statuesque supermodel Jodie Kidd is turning her hand to pulling pints after buying her village pub. The TV personality and racing driver, 38, has bought the Half Moon at Kirdford and plans to re-open it later this month after renovation work.

Who is Jodie Kidd’s parents?

John Edward Aitken Kidd
Wendy Madeleine Kidd
Jodie Kidd/Parents

Does Jodie Kidd own a pub?

Jodie Kidd is better placed than most to recommend a few good pubs. The Sussex supermodel turned pub owner bought The Half Moon in Kirdford, near Billingshurst, in 2017. The pub, which has two Michelin stars, is owned by friend and celebrity chef Tom Kerridge.

Which pub did Chris Evans own?

The Lickfold Inn
The Lickfold Inn. Formerly owned by TV and radio presenter Chris Evans, the Grade II-listed pub is nestled deep in the South Downs National Park in the heart of the West Sussex countryside.

Who is Jodie Kidd from the Fast Show?

Jodie Kidd was born on September 25, 1978 in Canterbury, Kent, England. She is an actress, known for Mad Cows (1999), The Fast Show (1994) and The Jump (2014). She was previously married to David Blakeley and Aidan Butler.

Where did Jodie Kidd go to school as a child?

Jodie was a showjumper as a child and attended St Michael’s School, Burton Park, Petworth, West Sussex. Kidd has two siblings. Her elder sister, Jemma Kidd (born 1974), married Arthur Wellesley, Earl of Mornington, son of the current Duke of Wellington, in June 2005.

How old is Jodie Kidd the racing driver?

Jodie Elizabeth Kidd (born () 25 September 1978 in Canterbury, Kent) is an English fashion model, racing driver, and television personality.

How big was Jodie Kidd when she started modelling?

However, following an eight-month break in modelling, Kidd increased weight to become a Size 14 dress size. Kidd modelled with the leading models from Capellino, Chanel, Ernesto Esposito, Fendissime, Gai Mattiolo, Ghost, Lagerfeld, Malhas, Monsoon, and Motorola and also featured in campaigns for Chloé ‘Innocence’ perfume and Yves Saint Laurent.