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Which wood has highest calorific value?

Which wood has highest calorific value?

The experimental values of the highest calorific value in terms of BDH are (mJ/kg): 19.40… 21.20 – for wood with natural bark content; 18.9…23.6 – for bark; 20.8±0,5 – for coniferous species (including pine – 20.90±0.30); 20.0±0.7 – for hardwood (including alder and aspen – 19.90±1.00; for birch bark – 23.6).

What is the calorific value of husk?

Calorific Value

Type of Material Ash(%) Heat of Combustion Kcal
Plam Husk 4.9 3900
Paddy Straw 15.5 3469
Press Mud (Maili) 14.25 3600

What is the calorific value of wood fuel?

Typical calorific values of fuels

Fuel Net CV by mass Energy density by volume
Wood chips (30% MC) 12.5 3,100
Log wood (stacked – air dry: 20% MC) 14.7 5,200-7,400
Wood (solid – oven dry) 19 7,600-11,400
Wood pellets (10% MC) 17 11,000

How do you increase the calorific value of wood?

The calorific value of wood also depends on its composition. Higher resin and lignin content in wood increases its calorific value. The content of lignin and resins is also dependent on a tree species and its „age”.

What is calorific value of diesel?

Net Calorific Value & Gross Calorific Value

Solid Gross calorific value (MJ/kg) Net calorific value (MJ/kg)
Liquid Gross calorific value (MJ/kg) Net calorific value (MJ/kg)
Gasoline 45.0–46.0 42.0–43.5
Diesel fuel or Heating oil EL 44.0–45.4 40.0–43.0
Heavy fuel oil 43.1 42.0

How many KW is a kg of wood?

The dry mass energy content is always 5.25 kWh/kg. Firewood with 18% moisture, equivalent to dry wood stored for a year, has a lower energy content, 4.2 kWh/kg.

How is calorific value calculated?

Goutel suggested the following formula from calculating the higher calorific value when the percentage proximate analysis of fuel is known. The formula is, cal. value = 343.3 x fixed carbon % + α x % volatile matter kJ/kg. Goutel formula is unreliable for fuels having high percentage in oxygen.

Does Wood have high calorific value?

Although wood has a very high calorific value, we still discourage its use as a fuel.

Is a diesel better than petrol?

Diesels deliver more power at lower engine revs than their petrol equivalent. This also helps to make diesel cars better suited for towing. Better fuel economy. Like for like, diesel cars give you better mpg than petrol ones.

What are the two types of calorific value?

Calorific value formula and types of calorific value

  • There are two types of calorific value. Higher calorific value ( HCV )
  • Higher calorific value or Gross calorific value. When 1 kg of fuel is burned, product of combustion is cooled down to room temperature.
  • Lower calorific value or Net calorific value.

How much energy is in a kg of wood?

In fact, 1 kg of wood gives 3500 (Kcal/kg) × 0.08 (thermal energy yield) = 280 Kcal; 1 kg of wood processed into charcoal (carbonization yield 20 percent) gives = 1 × 0.20 × 0.28 (thermal energy yield) × 75.00 (Kcal/kg) = 420 Kcal.

How many joules is a kg of wood?

A common hardwood, red oak, has an energy content (heat value) of 14.9 megajoules per kilogram (6,388 BTU per pound), and 10.4 megajoules recoverable if burned at 70% efficiency.

How are the properties of sawdust related to calorific value?

The relationship between strength properties, resistance to humidity and calorific values of sawdust-briquettes from three tropical hardwoods of different densities [Cylicodiscus gabunensis (heavy), Antiaris toxicaria (medium) and Ceiba pentandra (light)] and a Mixed/Composite type was determined.

What is the nutritional value of wood dust?

Sawdust or wood dust is a by-product of cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding, or otherwise. Cellulose, fiber starch that is indigestible to humans, and a filler in some low calorie foods, can be and is made from sawdust, as well as from other plant. So sawdust does not contain any nutritional value.

How many calories are in bagasse and sawdust?

Calorific value chart kJ/kg Kcal/kg ash (%) Bagasse 17330 4142 11.27 Rice Husk 14890 3559 20.6 Walnut Shell 20180 4823 0.56 Charcoal

What kind of fiber does sawdust have in it?

Sawdust is mainly cellulose. Cellulose is indigestible by humans since we do not have the necessary enzyme( cellulase ). So it falls under in the insoluble fiber group in human diet.