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Where is the submarine that Team Magma stole?

Where is the submarine that Team Magma stole?

Slateport City
It is located just east of Lilycove City, in an area only accessible after Team Magma has stolen the submarine in Slateport City….See also.

Team Magma
Locations: Team Magma Hideout

Where is Team Magma’s submarine in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the stolen Submarine Explorer 1 is parked at the bottom of the underwater area underneath the Seafloor Cavern. In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the stolen Submarine Explorer 1 is parked at the shore in the entrance chamber of the Seafloor Cavern.

Where is Team Aqua’s hideout?

Lilycove City bay
The Team Aqua Hideout is located in a small cove in the Lilycove City bay. You will need Surf to enter the base. A number of green warp pads are located around the hideout.

Where is Team Aqua leader in Seafloor Cavern?

It can only be reached by diving into an underwater trench in Route 128. The entrance is at the south part of the trench. Resurface to reach the entrance of the cave. You’ll noticed the submarine Team Aqua/Magma stole earlier.

What do I do after I awaken Kyogre in Emerald?

After beating him, Archie will use the Red Orb to awaken Kyogre and it too will flee. You will be led outside and it will be pouring rain, with thunder and lightning combined with solar flares. Steven comes along and says he’s going to Sootopolis City. Leave the cave and resurface.

Where is the 7th gym in Pokemon Emerald?

Mossdeep City
Mossdeep Gym

Mossdeep Gym トクサネジム Tokusane Gym
Location Mossdeep City
Gym Leader Tate and Liza
Badge Mind Badge
Dominant Type Psychic

How do you go underwater in Pokemon Emerald?

After defeating Team Magma and saving the Mossdeep Space Center, go back to the Mossdeep City and enter Steven’s house. Talk to Steven. Steven will thank you for what you’ve done. As a token of appreciation, he will give you HM Dive.

How do you awaken kyogre in Emerald?

Surf in the next room, hop in the currents until you are able to get to the top left door. Head through that and solve the puzzle in the next room. In the next room, simply follow the path around and take on Archie. After beating him, Archie will use the Red Orb to awaken Kyogre and it too will flee.

Who is the leader of Team Aqua?

Archie (Japanese: アオギリ Aogiri) is the head of Team Aqua.

How do I get into Team Aqua’s hideout Emerald?

Go southwest and you find Aqua Admin Matt. He has a level 32 Carvanha, level 32 Mightyena, and level 32 Sharpedo. After you defeat Matt, go southeast to find another white circle. It takes you back to the entrance of the hideout.

How do you awaken Kyogre?

What is Swampert hidden ability?

Swampert also has the ability to predict storms, sensing subtle differences in the sounds of waves and tidal winds with its fins.

Where do you find Team Aqua after they steal the submarine?

THEY SAID!! You must then go to the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis, and defeat/capture Kyogre there. Team Aqua is not there. :/ or I missed one step? What steps does it take to see team aqua steal the sub?

Where do you find Team Aqua in Pokemon Emerald?

Go in the cave here to go find Team Aqua. Take the left path see some rocks. break the first rock and move the boulder down. The next Boulder you see just move straight. Take the cave entrance on the top left.

Where do you find the underwater chamber in Pokemon Pearl?

You should find an underwater chamber. You have to go to the land were the 7th gym is then surf down and find the correct dive place that lets you go in a door underwater.

Where is the entrance to the cave in Pokemon Emerald?

Take the cave entrance on the top left. Use rock smach on the rock in the middle to reach the left side of the room. Use Rock Smash on the Rock dividing the left from the right and just move the Boulder straight across. Head into the cave on the top right now.