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What year is a John Deere X300?

What year is a John Deere X300?

John Deere X300

X300 Serial Numbers
2006 010001
2009 120001
2010 150001
2011 180001

What size deck does a John Deere X300 have?

The John Deere X390 54-inch deck comes with a 54-inch Accel Deep Mower Deck and two-wheel steering, and the X394’s 22 HP iTorque engine hauls a 48-inch Accel Deep Mower Deck and power four-wheel steering.

Does the John Deere X300 have power steering?

Power Steering and Hydraulic Lift Enjoy automotive style steering and raise and lower your mower deck the easy way. A little power goes a long way.

Is John Deere better than Husqvarna?

Bottom line: The Husqvarna offers a wider cutting deck and more hp for the price, but is likely to cost you a lot more in the long run. The same size John Deere lawn tractor – John Deere D140-48 – would run you $100 more, but offer much better reliability and lower repair costs.

What is the difference between John Deere X330 and X350?

The X330 features a large 724-cc displacement. In comparison, the X350 gets its power from an 18.5-hp (13.8-kW) iTorque™ power system. This system combines engine features and hood design to provide operators with ample lugging ability, even cooling, and toughness. The X350 engine features a 603-cc displacement.

What engine is in the John Deere X300?

Kawasaki FH491V
John Deere X300 Engine

Engine Detail
Kawasaki FH491V
Displacement 472 cc 28.8 ci
Bore/Stroke 2.68×2.56 inches 68 x 65 mm
Power (gross) 17 hp 12.7 kW

What engine is in the John Deere x300?

How long do John Deere riding mowers last?

With proper care and maintenance, you can double that easily to 1000 hours and even more. John Deere: These are much sturdier machines. The smaller ones easily last 500-1000 hours. The large ones that have a 2 or 4-cylinder engine may even last 1500-2000 hours.

Who makes the most reliable riding lawn mower?

In Consumer Reports’ 2017 survey of 11,217 subscribers, John Deere takes the top prize as the most reliable brand of lawn tractors and among the more reliable zero-turn-radius mowers.

Which riding lawn mower engine is the best?

Our overall top pick is the YTH24V54 lawn tractor model from Husqvarna. Its 24-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine with easy starting technology, 54-inch reinforced cutting deck, and variable-speed hydrostatic transmission all add up to top-notch performance, even for the largest and most difficult yards.

What engine is in John Deere X330?

cyclonic V-twin engine
The X330 is powered by a 20-hp (14.9-kW) cyclonic V-twin engine, providing the necessary power and torque to take on tough tasks around the yard such as mulching and mowing. The cyclonic air system removes any larger particles of dirt before they can come in contact with the filter.

How many hours does a John Deere lawn tractor last?

John Deere: These are much sturdier machines. The smaller ones easily last 500-1000 hours. The large ones that have a 2 or 4-cylinder engine may even last 1500-2000 hours. The intensity of usage defines the number of hours.

What year was the first John Deere X300 made?

The John Deere X300 lawnmower first entered production at JD’s assembly plant in Horicon, Wisconsin. It first started rolling off the production lines in 2006 and is the smallest model in the JD X300 series of lawn mowers.

What battery goes in a John Deere lawn tractor?

The John Deere L110 lawn tractor uses a 12-volt battery to start and power the mower. When batteries will not start the engine, they need removal to charge them safely.

Who makes iTorque engine?

Hopefully, this means that Kawasaki makes all John Deere engines labelled as “iTorque” JD and Kawasaki have partnered for quite a while ion the upmarket JD garden class tractors. I believe the reference to the iTorque is to recognize the latest class of Kawasaki engines which meet the latest EPA requirements in 2011.

Who makes John Deere riding lawn tractors?

In summary: Husqvarna, MTD, and Briggs & Stratton make most of the riding mower and lawn tractor brands sold by retailers here in the United States. John Deere still makes all of their lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers.