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What machine do farmers use to cut hay?

What machine do farmers use to cut hay?

A tedder (also called hay tedder) is a machine used in haymaking. It is used after cutting and before windrowing, and uses moving forks to aerate or “wuffle” the hay and thus speed up the process of hay-making. The use of a tedder allows the hay to dry (“cure”) better, which results in improved aroma and color.

What is the machine that cuts hay called?

A baler or hay baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress a cut and raked crop (such as hay, cotton, flax straw, salt marsh hay, or silage) into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store.

Can you cut and bale hay the same day?

In a trial at the University of Wisconsin Arlington Research Station (Figure 2) where alfalfa was put into a wide swath it reached 65 percent moisture in about eight hours and could be harvested for haylage the same day as cutting.

How do you cut and bale hay by hand?

The proper method cutting hay by hand: stand with your legs apart and knees slightly bent. Three ropes tied around the width and a fourth wrapped lengthwise hold together each 70- to 90-pound bate of sun-dried hay. Swing your scythe and torso from right to left, concentrating on a smooth, whole-body pivot.

What equipment do you need to cut and bale hay?

Hay Equipment A compact tractor is the staple of every operation, but mowers, conditioners, hay rakes, balers, and sometimes hay tedders and bale wrappers are also needed.

How much does a bale of hay cost?

The Price of Hay Bales By Weight

Hay Quality Bale Type Minimum Price Per Ton
Grade 1 Small Square $160
Large Square $85
Large Round $65
Grade 2 Large Square $85

How long after cutting hay can you bale it?

Subject: RE: How long does your hay lay to bale dry? Cut first thing in the morning, ted about 2-4 hours later, do nothing the next day, rake as soon as dew is off (-48 hours after cutting), let dry about 3 hours, and bale. Sometime takes an extra day to dry or occasionally a day less if perfect weather.

Can you Ted hay with dew on it?

If drying conditions are lousy and rain is coming or hay is heavy may ted a second time. This is for any type, grass or legume or mix, if lots of legume use slow rpm and do it with dew on. Often times you only have a few hour window to do it right.

What is a Haybine?

A conditioner (or hay conditioner) is a farm implement that crimps and crushes newly cut hay to promote faster and more even drying. The names Haybine and Discbine are brand names of mower-conditioners, although some farmers use these names somewhat generically.

How soon can you bale hay after cutting?

What kind of machine do you use to cut hay?

Machines that can cut hay are called mowers. Today there are two types of mowers used to cut hay that can be pulled by machines. Rotary disk mowers have several round discs that cut the hay. Sickle bar mowers have a bar with teeth that cut down the hay.

What’s the best way to cut and store hay?

Cut your hay with a sickle mower or sickle haybine if you have a small or medium-sized field or a disk mower, if you have a large field. Then, use a baler at a steady, moderate speed, which will be the most effective. Store your hay under shelter or cover it with a tarp sheet to protect it from the rain.

How often do you need to cut hay by hand?

Fortunately, the days of cutting hay by hand are long gone. Farmers traded in their scythes for tractors, mowers, and balers. Hay and forage equipment takes the time and labor out of creating quality feed for your livestock. When you’re cutting hay three to four times a year, the time and labor savings add up fast.

What kind of Mower do I need to mow my Hay?

Rotary disc mower: The industry standard in recent years, a rotary disc mower consists of several rotary discs equipped with small knives at the bottom that spin at a very high speed. These mow through thick hay well and can be pulled at higher speeds than conventional style mowers. The small blades are inexpensive and can be replaced when dull.