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What is the possessive form of in-laws?

What is the possessive form of in-laws?

in-laws — plural possessive (More than one in-law resides there.) I’m going over to the in-laws’. (House is suggested here.) My brothers-in-law’s (not laws’) business closed because of financial problems.

What is the plural possessive of brother in law?

Therefore the Singular possessive form is: brother-in-law’s and the Plural possessive form is: brothers-in-law’s.

What is sister in possessive form?

Therefore the possessive form is “The Night Sisters'”, adding just an apostrophe. The proper form of thre example sentence is. Mary tended John throughout the Night Sisters’ passing. Similarly with other plural nouns: I greatly enjoyed the Bermuda Islands’ sunny beaches.

Is brother in laws correct?

Explanation: The plural of brother-in-law is brothers-in-law because the base noun is made plural. However, when forming possessives, the compound noun is considered as a unit. Hence the singular possessive brother-in-law’s and the (awkward) plural possessive brothers-in-law’s.

What is the possessive of mothers?

To get the plural possessive, do both those things: put the plural S on mother and the possessive S and apostrophe on law: “It was their mothers-in-law’s idea.”

Is it correct to say brother in laws?

So the plural of “brother-in-law” (at least in the standard language) is “brothers-in-law”, since the plural goes on the bare noun. The possessive cannot be *brother’s-in-law; it has to be “brother-in-law’s”, and that is what native speakers say (“We went to my brother-in-law’s house”).

What is the plural of handful?

handful. noun. hand·​ful | \ ˈhand-ˌfu̇l \ plural handfuls\ -​ˌfu̇lz \ or handsful\ ˈhandz-​ˌfu̇l \

What is the possessive form of woman?

Correct answer: Because women is plural, the apostrophe goes between the “n” and the “s” so the correct possessive form of women is women’s.

What is the possessive form of girl?

When a plural noun ends in s, form the possessive by adding an apostrophe. For example, girls -> girls’.

What do you mean by brother-in-law?

1 : the brother of one’s spouse. 2a : the husband of one’s sibling. b : the husband of one’s spouse’s sibling.

What is the sentence of brother-in-law?

I had a brother-in-law, who was in corporation employment, and who borrowed money. Some time after her husband’s death the lady married her deceased sister’s husband—her brother-in-law. It belonged to the wife of my brother-in-law. He then turns to his brother-in-law, who agrees to give him a room in his house.

Are moms possessive?

Mom’s is a possessive noun.

Which is the plural form of sister in law?

The plural form of sister-in-law is sisters-in-law. Click to see full answer. Consequently, how do you write sister in law? noun, plural sis·ters-in-law. the sister of one’s husband or wife. the wife of one’s brother. the wife of the brother of one’s husband or wife.

Which is the possessive of sister in law?

The possessive of “sister-in-law” (that is, if you were describing something that belonged to one sister-in-law) is “sister-in-law’s”. Is a sister in law a sibling? Sibling-in-law includes the brother-in-law and the sister-in-law.

Where is the possessive at the end of in-law?

brother-in-law’s ( the plural possessive is brothers-in-law’s ) mother-in-law’s Commander-in-Chief’s even if the hyphens are not explicit, if a group of words are being treated as a compound noun, the possessive is at the end.

How many brothers and sisters in law are there?

Doubtless your sisters-in-law will think you a patronising, self-righteous old bag, but you can’t have it all ways. Abe was predeceased by his mother and father, two brothers, two sisters-in-law and three brothers-in-law. By the time my mother died, all her brothers and sisters, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, were dead.