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What is the opposite of 64?

What is the opposite of 64?

Answer: 64 may be the opposite of -64.

What is the opposite of 81?

And the opposite of −81 is −−81 = 81.

What is the opposite of 35?

Answer and Explanation: The opposite reciprocal of 35 would be -1/35. The fraction that is equal to the whole number 35 would be 35/1.

What is opposite integer?

Students learn that the opposite of an integer is the same distance from zero on the number line as the original integer, but on the opposite side of zero. For example, the opposite of +5 is -5, and the opposite of -5 is +5.

What is the opposite of 13?

There are no categorical antonyms for thirteen. The numeral thirteen is defined as: The cardinal number occurring after twelve and before fourteen, represented in Roman numerals as XIII and in Arabic numerals as 13.

What is the opposite of 8?

Explanation: Opposite of a number means its additive inverse, which means the number added to its additive inverse would be zero. Thus opposite of 8 is -8.

What is the opposite hate?

Explanation: opposite of hate is love.

What is the symbol for integer?

The letter (Z) is the symbol used to represent integers. An integer can be 0, a positive number to infinity, or a negative number to negative infinity.

What is the opposite integer of 16?

Find the opposite of -16. -16 is a negative integer. To find its opposite, change the negative sign to a positive sign. The answer is that the opposite of -16 is +16 or 16.

What is the opposite of +23?

opposite of 23 = -(23) = -23.

What is the reciprocal of 5 8?

To find the reciprocal, divide 1 by the number given. Simplify. Multiply the numerator by the reciprocal of the denominator. Multiply 58 5 8 by 1 1 .

What is a reciprocal of 1 8?

The reciprocal of 1/8 is 8.

How to write the opposite of an integer?

Locate the number 8 and its opposite on the number line. Explain how they are related to zero. 2. Locate the opposites of the numbers on the number line. 3. Write the integer that represents the opposite of each situation. Explain what zero means in each situation. a. 100 feet above sea level. b. 32 degrees below zero. c. A withdrawal of $25

Is there such a thing as the opposite of a number?

The opposite of a number is a number that is the same distance from 0 as another number, but in the opposite direction. Given a number, the opposite of that number can also be thought of as the number that needs to be added in order for the result to be 0.

Are there any integers that have the same absolute value?

Opposite integers are the pairs of integers that have the same absolute value, or the same distance from zero. The sum of two opposites is always zero.

Which is the opposite of 7 in math?

The opposite of 7 is -7. The opposite of -12 is 12. The opposite of (3 + 4 + 2) is -9. The opposite of a number is also referred to as its additive inverse, a concept that is also used in algebra to apply to variables and other expressions, not just positive and negative numbers.