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What is the main function of UWI?

What is the main function of UWI?

To advance education and create knowledge through excellence in teaching, research, innovation, public service, intellectual leadership and outreach in order to support the inclusive (social, economic, political, cultural, environmental) development of the Caribbean region and beyond.

What role does UWI play in the development of the Caribbean?

My ideal regional UWI is an institution that is able to adequately respond to the contemporary challenges of the region; impacting on our individual Caribbean States with one standard, one quality and in the broader context of West Indian development; an institution that is globally acknowledged and recognized as a key …

What is UWI best known for?

activist university
Leading as an activist university The UWI is an activist university with a mission to advance learning, create knowledge and foster innovation for the positive transformation of the Caribbean and the wider world.

Where does UWI rank in the world?

University of the West Indies Ranking 2019-2020 – Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

Institution Name University of the West Indies
Location Jamaica
World Rank 1610
National Rank 1
Quality of Education Rank

What is the motto of UWI?

Oriens Ex Occidente Lux
The UWI’s Latin Motto, which appears on its armorial bearings, “Oriens Ex Occidente Lux” means “Light Rising From the West”.

Who started UWI?

The university was founded in 1948, on the recommendation of the Asquith Commission through its sub-committee on the West Indies, chaired by Sir James Irvine. The Asquith Commission had been established in 1943 to review the provision of higher education in the British colonies.

What is the meaning of Caribbean identity?

The Caribbean as an unified region that confers a sense of common citizenship and community is a figment of the imagination. There are also many people who describe themselves as Caribbean persons, claiming an unique identity which has its own cohering characteristics that distinguish them from others.

What is a single Caribbean identity?

It means being perceived as being disadvantaged but it simultaneously means having to be diligent and committed to perseverance in order to succeed. It means being resilient and more open to Caribbean integration. It means being naturally hospitable and warm. It means being proud.”

Are Jamaicans West Indies?

Three major physiographic divisions constitute the West Indies: the Greater Antilles, comprising the islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), and Puerto Rico; the Lesser Antilles, including the Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat, Guadeloupe.

Is UWI recognized in Canada?

A degree from the UWI is recognised in Canada and the rest of the world.

Is UWI accredited in Canada?

Is UWI a good university?

Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning The 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings has ranked The UWI among the world’s top institutions. The rankings show that The UWI is located among the 1,258 top universities in world for 2019.