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What is the drawing instrument?

What is the drawing instrument?

What are the various drawing instrument used for drawing?

1 Drawing Board Circle Master
4 T-square Drawing pencil (Lead pencil)
5 Protractor (180°, 360°) Sharpener
6 Scales Eraser
7 Roll & Draw Drawing pins & clips

What is the purpose of drawing?

The drawing is done primarily for the need, pleasure, interests or benefit of the person doing the drawing. It can enable them to explore and develop observation and interpretive skills to investigate and understand the world.

What are the common drawing instruments and their uses?

What Are The Drawing Instruments And Their Uses?

  • Drawing Pencils. One of the basic instruments for those who are in line with graphics or traditional drawing.
  • Mechanical Pencil | Refillable Pencil. Its function is similar to traditional pencils.
  • Eraser.
  • Pencil Sharpeners.
  • Protractor.
  • Compass.
  • Set Squares.
  • French Curves.

What are the drawing instruments used in engineering drawing?

The instruments used in engineering drawing are:

  • Drawing sheet.
  • Drawing board.
  • Mini drafter.
  • T square.
  • Compass.
  • Divider.
  • Set squares.
  • Clinograph.

How do you handle drawing instruments?

Basic Techniques of Handling Drawing Board

  1. Do not use pins for fastening your paper to the board, use tapes or clips.
  2. Do not use blade or knife to cut something on the surface of your drawing board.
  3. Always cover the surface with cardboard or thick paper.
  4. Keep the drawing board in a safe place when not in use.

What are the tools that you have used in drawing?

The Pencils, Papers, and Erasers You Need to Start Drawing

  • Graphite pencils.
  • Colored and pastel pencils.
  • Charcoal sticks, artists’ pencils, and carré sticks.
  • Image by One Light Studio via Shutterstock.
  • Graphite sticks.
  • Inks, dip brushes, dip pens, and pens.
  • Craft knife, erasers, stumps, and sharpeners.
  • Paper.

What instrument is used for drawing horizontal lines?

A T-square is a straightedge which uses the edge of the drawing board as a support. It is used with the drafting board to draw horizontal lines and to align other drawing instruments.