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What is significant about the situational irony that occurs at the end of the story and what might Crane be trying to say?

What is significant about the situational irony that occurs at the end of the story and what might Crane be trying to say?

The irony, or unexpected outcome, is that the men, just by fooling around, spill the water that Collins risked his life to get for them. All of Collins’s efforts have been for nothing. This is a classic example of situational irony.

Is Collins a real hero Why or why not?

Yes, Fred Collins in “A Mystery of Heroism” is a real hero because he takes a huge risk on behalf of other people. Despite his doubts about his bravery, his intentions and actions reveal his heroism. Even though he fails in delivering the water, he proves his courage at numerous points in the mission.

What happens at the end of mystery of heroism?

The ending of this excellent story is one of the most perfect moments of situational irony in literature. Consider what has happened: Fred Collins has risked death by going to get water for his men, and after all of that effort and risk, finally, he returns alive and with the bucket full of water.

Why is it ironic that Fred wants water at the beginning of the story?

Why is Fred wanting water at the start of the story ironic? It’s ironic that Fred should want water at the start of the story as he’ll soon volunteer to risk life and limb to fetch water for his comrades.

What does Fred Collins ask for in the beginning of the story?

A battle is raging around Fred Collins, and he wants a drink of water from the well in the middle of the battlefield. When he brings up the idea of going to get some water, the other soldiers with him start teasing him and egging him on.

How is Collins rank a private Significant?

Being a private means that Collins is an important piece of the military structure and fighting unit, but he is one of thousands of enlisted men. He is essentially cannon fodder and easily replaced.

Who is Fred Collins?

Fred Collins Leads IBM’s Federal Sector Solutioning Team where he differentiates IBM though competitive solutions, repeatable methods, and innovative use of technologies which drive business value for our Federal clients.

What is Collins heroism?

What is Collins definition of a hero? A hero is someone who acts as a leader and is fearless.

How is A Mystery of Heroism ironic?

One example is his short story, “A Mystery of Heroism,” set during the Civil War. The story’s irony begins with its title and culminates with the final passages. The story ends when a soldier’s desperate efforts to get water are wasted because the water spills.

What does Collins carry back across the meadow?

He didn’t want the water to spill, so he ran carefully even though he was running through a meadow where shells were landing. At first he refused, but he turned back to bring the lieutenant water.

How many canteens does Collins take with him to the well?

Collins appears “as a man dreaming.” He is silent as he receives the questions, warnings, and chatter of his comrades. As the stunned men prepare him to go, they repeat, “Are yeh sure a-goin’?” Collins angrily insists that he is. Carrying five or six canteens and pulling his cap down over his head, he marches off.

What heroic task does Collins want?


Question Answer
When was Stephan crane born/died 1871-1900
What “heroic” task does Collins want to preform? Collins wants to run across the field to the well to get him and his friends some water rather then staying in hiding