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What is a walking scorer?

What is a walking scorer?

The job of a walking scorer is to walk with a group and keep their score and specific statistics. You will be assigned to a group in the pro-am and the tournament. It is important that the walking scorers have an understanding of the game of golf, and are accurate with every player in the group.

How do I become a volunteer for shotlink?

There are 3 requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to enjoy one of these positions.

  1. Mandatory online training.
  2. Mandatory Live training provided by one of the PGA TOUR Operations staff.
  3. On course training prior to the start of the tournament rounds.

What do volunteers do at a golf tournament?

Volunteers are critical to the success of a tournament, managing functions ranging from ShotLink scoring and concessions to guest services, pre-course set-up, on-course marshalling, merchandise, operations, Pro-Am, TOUR player registration, locker room, practice facility and much more.

What is a standard bearer in golf?

Standard Bearers are an integral part of the U.S. Open and they have the best seat in the house. Standard Bearers are assigned to carry the scoring sign (standard) and required to walk all 18 holes with the playing group.

What is ShotLink PGA Tour?

What is ShotLink? The PGA TOUR ShotLink System is a revolutionary technology that captures and reports vital information on every shot, by every player, real-time, during tournament competition. The use for this real-time digital information are limited only by the imagination.

What is a ShotLink volunteer?

One important and rewarding role that volunteers undertake is assisting with ShotLink Scoring System, a revolutionary platform for collecting and disseminating scoring and statistical data on every shot by every player in a tournament, in real time.

What does a ShotLink Spotter do?

ShotLink Reporters & Ball Spotters Record and transmit shot locations of professionals to the SHOTLink system while stationed greenside or at fairway landing zones. Spotters will assist fairway operators with locating ball positions and identifying situations where a shot may be obstructed.

Do PGA volunteers get paid?

Volunteers at professional tournaments actually pay for the privilege of offering their services, no questions asked, for a love of the game that helps distinguish our sport and its fans.

Can you volunteer to work the Masters?

It is not that easy to become a volunteer at the Masters. There are some 700 total volunteers who work the Masters each year, and it is my understanding that once you land a spot, you are allowed to return annually as long as you are healthy and able to do the job.

What does a standard bearer do?

A person who carries a flag or banner (a standard). The standard-bearer in battle is in the center of the front line so the following troops know where to go; unfortunately, it also shows the enemy where to shoot. One who carries a standard or banner, especially of a military unit.

Is the PGA Tour app free?

Experience the PGA TOUR on your Android device like never before with the official PGA TOUR App. Redesigned from the ground up with great new features and functionality. Available for free from the PGA TOUR.