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What happened to Verizon Ringbacks?

What happened to Verizon Ringbacks?

“Effective October 31, 2020, Verizon will be discontinuing ringback tones and playlists,” the company said in an announcement. Verizon Wireless launched the ringback tones service back in 2004 and expanded it a year later. It would play clips of music for callers instead of the traditional ring.

How can I get a ringback tone?

Visit the Verizon Wireless Media Store to purchase and manage Verizon ringbacks (see Resources for link). Click the “Ringback Tones” tab and browse the categories or enter a search term in the Search box. Click the “Search” menu and choose “Ringback Tones” to include only ringbacks in your search results.

How do I get a ringback tone on my Verizon phone?

To get Ringback Tones, customers can go to the Ringback Tones website at On the Web, customers can register; browse the categories and preview Ringback Tones before they buy.

Is Verizon discontinuing ringback tones?

The Ringback Tones service has been discontinued and is no longer supported by Verizon. If you had a subscription to Ringback Tones and Ringback Tones that you purchased from the Media Store or Verizon Tones app, they were automatically removed from all lines on your account.

How do I set a ringback tone on my Verizon Iphone?

Click on the “My Settings” tab and choose if you would like specific ringback tones for each caller or a default tone for all of your callers. The “My Account” link guides you through the setup process once you sign in. You can also choose to set the ringback tones for specific times of the day and even specific days.

How do I get people to hear my ringtone?

Android Phones

  1. Go to the People app (also may be labelled Contacts) and select a contact.
  2. In contact details, hit the Menu button (three vertical dots in the top-right corner) and choose Edit (this step may be unnecessary on your phone)
  3. Scroll down until you see Ringtone. Tap it and select a tone to play when they call.

Can you still buy ringback tones?

The app is available now for T-Mobile customers on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. “T-Mobile customers are huge music fans, and with Listen, our customers now have a cool new way to personalize their mobile experience with music and other content,” Mike Sievert, CMO of T-Mobile, said in a statement.

How do I get rid of the ringback tone on my Iphone?

How to Remove a Ringback Tone

  1. Log into your account on your provider’s website for access to your ringback tones and settings.
  2. Select the tone you wish to remove from the default, group or caller settings.
  3. Remove the ringback tone you want to delete from any playlists in which it is included.

Why did my ringtone change automatically?

Go to Settings>Apps, select Phone, then Permissions, and make sure it has permission for your Storage or Files. Go to Settings>Apps, select Phone, then Permissions, and make sure it has permission for your Storage or Files.

Are ringback tones still a thing?

The app is available now for T-Mobile customers on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. You can choose from a free basic service or a more feature-rich version for $2.99 per month.

How does a Verizon prepaid phone plan work?

How do Prepaid plans work? Once you’ve signed up for a Prepaid plan, access your account over the My Verizon app or via your browser at My Verizon –whichever is more convenient for you. A Prepaid Family Account can have up to 5 lines (1 Account Owner and 4 Account Managers), making it easier to manage multiple lines at once.

How to find my phone on Verizon website?

1 From a web browser, navigate to: Manage your Microsoft devices. 2 Enter the Microsoft account email address and password then click Sign in. 3 From the Your devices page, click Find my phone (located to the right of the device name). \\ 4 The location of the device appears on a map. Allow up to 2 minutes for the device to be contacted.

Are there activation fees for Verizon prepaid plans?

No. There are no activation fees for prepaid plans when you sign up online.To see more features or find out more about a Verizon prepaid plan, check out the Prepaid Plans FAQ. This content is provided for information purposes only.

How do I add a refill to my Verizon prepaid account?

You can add a refill card or PIN to your account online by entering your refill card number or PIN in My Verizon. What should I do if I can’t use the refill card or PIN to add money to my prepaid account? If you’re unable to use a refill card or PIN to add money to your account, please contact Prepaid Customer Service at (888) 294-6804.