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What happened to Seth Rogen in this is the end?

What happened to Seth Rogen in this is the end?

Seth Rogen has confirmed what really happened during This Is The End’s set during production. This Is the End is an absurd and outlandish horror-comedy that goes to extremes for laughs, but Rogen confirmed that one comedic setup went too far for Watson and the Harry Potter alum chose to remove herself from the scene.

Is it actually Seth rogans house in this is the end?

It may come as a surprise to many that the exterior shots of the house are actually computer-generated, and the inside of the house was built in a warehouse that was storing coffee beans at the time. Rogen hilariously added that he doesn’t think Franco has a house.

Why did Emma Watson leave the set of this is the end?

Seth Rogen wants to “correct a story” that Emma Watson stormed off the set while filming 2013 movie “This is the End.” The “Pineapple Express” actor revealed during an interview published Friday in British GQ that Watson left the set after refusing to film a scene that featured cannibalism.

Did Emma Watson quit this is the end?

Actor-director Seth Rogen has clarified that British star Emma Watson did not leave the set of his 2013 movie This Is The End over a scene she did not like. After many publications ran the story with Rogen’s remark on the alleged incident, he decided to set the record straight by posting a statement on Twitter.

Are Seth Rogen and James Franco still friends?

Rogen confirmed that it is “not a coincidence” that his professional relationship with Franco seems to have come to an end, and said that the allegations have affected their personal friendship as well. “I don’t know if I can define that right now during this interview,” Rogen said of their friendship.

How rich is James Franco?

James Franco has a net worth of about $30 million, according to CheatSheet. Known for his breakthrough role in Freaks and Geeks, James has appeared in movies such as 127 hours, The Disaster Artist, Why Him? and Spring Breakers.

What kind of car does Emma Watson Drive?

20 Emma Watson – Cadillac Escalade.

Is James Franco a genius?

James Franco is a brilliant actor with an IQ of 130, which is considered the top 2% of the world’s population. While he has many movies to his name, we can also see why he’s considered a genius.

What kind of a person is Seth Rogen?

Actor | Producer | Writer. An actor, comedian and writer, Seth Rogen has come a long way from doing stand-up comedy as a teen. Rogen was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, to Sandy (Belogus), a social worker, and Mark Rogen, who worked for non-profits.

Who are the actors in this is the end?

Cast overview, first billed only: James Franco James Franco Jonah Hill Jonah Hill Seth Rogen Seth Rogen Jay Baruchel Jay Baruchel Danny McBride Danny McBride

Who is the director of Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse?

It is a feature-length film adaptation of the short film Jay and Seth Versus the Apocalypse (2007), also written by Rogen and Goldberg, with the short’s director, Jason Stone, serving as an executive producer.

When did this is the end come out?

Produced by Mandate Pictures and Rogen and Goldberg’s Point Grey Pictures, This Is the End premiered at the Fox Village Theater on June 3, 2013, and was released theatrically in the United States on June 14, by Columbia Pictures.