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What happened to Christopher Lockhart?

What happened to Christopher Lockhart?

Police found Christopher Lockhart’s body in his home on Poplar Bluff Court Oct. 24 after he failed to report to the Office of Community Corrections. He had hanged himself. Police found Theresa’s body that same day in Allegan County after seeing Lockhart’s note.

Who murdered Theresa Lockhart?

Police say Christopher confessed to killing Theresa on May 18 after an argument in their home. He told them in the note he left that he just snapped. The discovery of Theresa ended a five-month investigation that public safety officers thought about daily, Armold said.

How was Theresa Lockhart killed?

Consistent with the story her husband left in a suicide note, the autopsy report for Schoolcraft teacher Theresa Lockhart concludes that she died of strangulation. The school teacher was last seen leaving a gym May 18, and was reported missing several days later by staff at the school where she worked.

Did they ever find Theresa Lockhart?

Police confirmed Wednesday that a body found in Allegan County, Michigan, is that of missing woman Theresa Lockhart. Theresa’s body was found in what police describe as a “shallow grave” about 50 miles from her home, where she was last seen.

When did the murder on Lockhart Road happen?

This broadcast first aired on Dec. 9, 2006. It was updated on July 10, 2008. On the evening of Sept. 28, 2000, former Indiana state trooper David Camm came home to find his 35-year-old wife Kim and his five-year-old daughter Jill murdered, both shot execution-style in the head; his seven-year old-son Brad died after being shot in the chest.

When did Chris Lockhart confess to his wife’s murder?

On Oct. 25, 2017, police found Chris Lockhart dead from an apparent suicide in his home. After searching the house, they found a note in which Chris confessed to murdering his wife, Theresa Lockhart, who had been missing since May 18. Police then found Theresa’s body with the help of a hand-drawn map in Chris’s note.

Where was Camm Lockhart when he was killed?

“David was at the gym at the time his family was killed. He was at the Georgetown Community Church playing basketball,” says Camm’s uncle Sam Lockhart, who from day one has insisted his nephew did not do it. Lockhart says he was at the same gym at the same time, watching his nephew play.

When did Michael Lee Lockhart get his death sentence?

Michael Lee Lockhart. Michael Lee Lockhart was a multi-state serial killer who received death sentences in three states ( Florida, Indiana, and Texas ). He was executed on December 9, 1997, by the state of Texas.