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What does Domaine mean in English?

What does Domaine mean in English?

a vineyard
: a vineyard especially in Burgundy that makes and bottles wine from its own grapes.

What is nom de nom?

nom: fame; reputation; respectability; designation; term; name; title; denomination; noun; substantive; substantive noun; label; last name. …

What is nom de famille in English?

noun. family name [noun] the part of someone’s name which all the people in their family have; last name, surname. Their family name is Smith. last name [noun] (especially American) a surname.

What is the meaning of Quel est votre nom?

If you translate it word for word, it makes no sense to an English speaker. I would say that “Quel est votre nom?” is a translation of “What’s your name?” The questions with “s’appeler” (e.g. “comment vous vous appelez?” sound more natural.

What does domain mean in Burgundy?

domaine, Burgundian name for the accumulated holdings of one grower. Thus a domaine-bottled wine is one bottled by the producer. éleveur, one who looks after wine between fermentation and bottling. grand cru is a widely used term but in Burgundy means one of the very finest vineyards.

What is an uncultured person?

Someone who is uncultured is ignorant or uneducated, particularly about the arts. If you spend all day watching soap operas and you’ve never read a book, seen a play, or visited a museum, you might be uncultured. If you’re a cultured person, you visit museums, attend concerts, read books.

What is the meaning of Eh bien?

well. More meanings for Eh bien! Well! interjection.

What does Sapristi mean?

Interjection. sapristi. (dated) heavens! good heavens! Synonyms: sacrebleu, sacré nom de Dieu, saperlipopette.

What language is Prenom?

Translate Prénom from French to English.

What is Prenom in France?

noun. Christian name [noun] (British) the personal name given in addition to the surname; given name(American) Peter is his Christian name. first name [noun] the name that you are given when you are born and which comes before your family name.

How do you answer Quel est votre nom?

The surname or the given name? In French, the given name is usually said before the surname. In answer to the question: “Quel est ton nom?” (informal) or “Quel est votre nom?” (formal), you must say your given name before your surname.

What’s your name in French?

If you’d like to say “What is your name?” in French, you generally have two options. To pose the question formally, you’d say “Comment vous-appelez vous? Speaking informally, you can simply ask “Comment t’appelles-tu?”