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What does Azizam mean in Persian?

What does Azizam mean in Persian?

my dear
Azizam. Azizam literally means “my dear” and is a general term of endearment that you can use with anyone- friend, family, lover, old, young. You’ll even hear women who are total strangers call each other azizam .

What do you call your Persian boyfriend?

aziz-am. This is one of the most common Persian terms of endearment, and simply means ‘my dear. ‘ You’ll hear Iranians say this all the time, whether to lovers, friends, or family alike, and even to people they’re not very close to.

How do you express love in Persian?

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  1. Doostet daram “دوستت دارم” It literally translates to “I like you” but it is the most common and widely recognized way to say “I love you” to a loved one, family or friends in Persian!
  2. Asheghetam “عاشقتم”
  3. Jigar tala “جیگر طلا”
  4. Fadat besham “فدات بشم”
  5. Eshghe mani “عشق منی”

What is Joonam in Farsi?

Joonam specifically means my dear.

What does jigar mean in Farsi?

But jigar, the Persian word for liver, is a Persian word of endearment.

What does Chetori mean in Farsi?

| Chetori? | چطوری ؟ Fine, thank you | Khubam, Mersi | خوبم ، مرسی

How do you tell if a Persian guy likes you?

If a Persian man loves someone, they will do anything for her; from buying expensive gifts and beautiful jewelry to going on a date in a fancy restaurant. Persian men are extremely passionate and emotional. They would adore you and treat you like a queen.

What does Chashm mean in Farsi?

‘Okay’ A polite way to say ‘okay’ in Persian is chashm, which also means ‘eye. ‘ To amp it up a notch, Iranians say ru chesham, literally ‘on my eye,’ which is a more formal, polite way to express that you will do something from the bottom of your heart.

What does mAmAn mean in Farsi?

Farsi (Persian) translation: mAmAn bozorg GLOSSARY ENTRY (DERIVED FROM QUESTION BELOW) English term or phrase: grandmother.

Is dating allowed in Iran?

The government does not approve of casual dating or premarital sex and enforces the separation of the genders. Therefore, if Iranians go out with their girlfriend or boyfriend in public, they run the risk of being berated, reported on or even detained.

What’s the best thing to call your Persian lover?

12 Things to Call Your Persian Lover. 1 1. aziz-am. This is one of the most common Persian terms of endearment, and simply means ‘my dear.’. You’ll hear Iranians say this all the time, 2 2. joon-am. 3 3. jāné del-am. 4 4. sheereen-am. 5 5. hamsar-am.

How to Say ” my Friend ” in Persian?

There are many ways to say that. If it is a normal friend you can use ‘ dust e man ‘. If you that person very well you can use somd kind of lovely words. Such as; ‘aziz a man’ , ‘can e man’ etc. I must tell you that Iranian people likes these words a lot.

What does Atashe del am mean in Persian?

This is a good example of the fiery passion of Iranians. ātashé del-am is a common phrase to use for loved ones, and literally means the fire of my heart.

What does the term’my life’mean in Persian?

This is a slightly more extreme term of endearment and means ‘my life,’ but as we know, Persians are prone to exaggeration and have no problem using extreme language casually. So, again, this is a term that may be used with mere acquaintances as well as with more intimate friends.