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What did Ruby Dee do?

What did Ruby Dee do?

Ruby Dee, byname of Ruby Ann Wallace, (born October 27, 1922, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.—died June 11, 2014, New Rochelle, New York), American actress and social activist who was known for her pioneering work in African American theatre and film and for her outspoken civil rights activism.

Who is Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis?

Ruby Wallace married blues singer Frankie Dee Brown in 1941, and began using his middle name as her stage name. The couple divorced in 1945. Three years later she married actor Ossie Davis, whom she met while costarring in Robert Ardrey’s 1946 Broadway play Jeb.

How old was Ruby Dee when she passed away?

91 years (1922–2014)
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Is actress Ruby Dee still alive?

Deceased (1922–2014)
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How old is Sidney Poitier now?

94 years (February 20, 1927)
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Why was Ruby Dee important?

Ruby Dee was an American actress, playwright, screenwriter, activist, poet and journalist, perhaps best known for starring in the 1961 film A Raisin in the Sun. She’s also known for her civic work with husband Ossie Davis.

Who was married to Ossie Davis?

Ruby Deem. 1948–2005
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How did Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee meet?

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee met in 1945, when they were both performing in the same play on Broadway; Davis, resuming an acting career that had been interrupted by a World War II tour of duty in Liberia, was cast as the male lead, while Dee was originally hired as understudy to the female lead and soon found herself …

Where did Ruby Dee died?

New Rochelle, New York, United States
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Where is Ruby Dee buried?

Ferncliff Cemetery, New York, United States
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When did Ruby Dee get married?

December 9, 1948 (Ossie Davis)
August 31, 1941 (Frankie Dee Brown)
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Is Sidney Poitier Still Alive 2020?

The trailblazing actor and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient turns 94 on Feb. 20. He has had dozens of film and TV roles, worked as a director and was the Bahamian ambassador to Japan. In honor of his life and legacy, here’s a look at Poitier’s life in photos, including his historic Oscar win in 1964.