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What did Barbara Hepworth study?

What did Barbara Hepworth study?

She spent several months in Florence, Italy, where she studied Romanesque architecture and early Italian Renaissance art. Hepworth began to exhibit her work at her own studio, before being invited to show at some smaller London galleries, marking the start of her mature art career.

How was Barbara Hepworth inspired?

At Wakefield Girls’ High School Hepworth was inspired by seeing images of Egyptian sculpture and encouraged by the headteacher, Miss McCroben, to apply for a scholarship to Leeds School of Art. Following this, in 1921, she began her studies at the Royal College of Art in London.

What art movement was Barbara Hepworth?

Modern art
ModernismAbstract art
Barbara Hepworth/Periods

Where did Barbara Hepworth study?

Royal College of Art
Leeds Arts UniversityWakefield Girls’ High School
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What techniques did Barbara Hepworth use?

To create her abstract shapes, Hepworth employed a technique known as direct carving — in which the initial carving produces the final form — rather than creating preparatory maquettes and models.

What Stone did Barbara Hepworth use?

Hepworth’s special association with marble, a material for which she had a deep reverence and sensitivity, was sustained in a remarkable way over half a century.

How did Hepworth’s life affect her artworks?

She helped shift three dimensional art works into greater abstraction as she herself moved from creating work mingling figurative forms with abstraction in her earlier sculptures to almost entirely abstract, non-representational later works.

Why is Barbara Hepworth important?

Barbara Hepworth was a British sculptor, who was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire in 1903. She was a leading figure in the international art scene throughout a career spanning five decades.

What happened to Barbara Hepworth’s triplets?

In their early years in London, the triplets were farmed out to be looked after by others. When the whole family was forced to live together in wartime St Ives, where Hepworth remained, acute tensions resulted. Hepworth cut him out of her will, and he died of alcohol poisioning, aged 55.

Where does Barbara Hepworth live?

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Who was Barbara Hepworth’s husband?

Ben Nicholsonm. 1938–1951
John Skeapingm. 1925–1933
Barbara Hepworth/Husband

When was Barbara Hepworth made a dame?

Hepworth was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1965. A Pictorial Autobiography was published in 1970 and reissued in 1993. She died in a fire in her home at St. Ives, Cornwall, in 1975; her home was preserved as the Barbara Hepworth Home and Sculpture Garden and is run by the Tate St.

Where did Barbara Hepworth go to art school?

Barbara Hepworth was a British sculptor, who was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire in 1903. She was a leading figure in the international art scene throughout a career spanning five decades. Hepworth studied at Leeds school of Art from 1920–1921 alongside fellow Yorkshire-born artist Henry Moore.

Who was Dame Barbara Hepworth and what did she do?

Dame Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth DBE (10 January 1903 – 20 May 1975) was an English artist and sculptor. Her work exemplifies Modernism and in particular modern sculpture. She was one of the few female artists of her generation to achieve international prominence.

Why did Barbara Hepworth choose to live in Wakefield?

In the town where Hepworth was born, as well as housing a rich archive of the artist’s work and serving as a platform for contemporary artists working today, The Hepworth Wakefield also pays lasting homage to an artist who spoke frequently of the effect her surroundings had on her formative years.

Who are some of Barbara Hepworth’s key works?

She has influenced countless artists, designers, architects and performers such as Linder Sterling, Peter Jensen and Rebecca Warren citing her as an influential figure in their own creative practice. What are her key works?