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Is there a word difficulty?

Is there a word difficulty?

noun, plural dif·fi·cul·ties.

What is the meaning of difficulty?

uncountable if you have difficulty with something, you are not able to do it easily. have difficulty with something: She’s having difficulty with her schoolwork this year. have difficulty (in) doing something: Six months after the accident, he still has difficulty walking.

Which noun is difficulty?

1[countable, usually plural, uncountable] a problem; a thing or situation that causes problems the difficulties of English syntax children with severe learning difficulties We’ve run into difficulties/difficulty with the new project. He got into difficulties while swimming and had to be rescued.

What is the difference between difficulty and difficult?

The phrase “I have difficulty” can be used before a noun, and the phrase “It’s difficult” or “It’s hard” is used before a verb: I have difficulty with grammar. / I have a hard time with grammar. It’s difficult for me to understand English. / It’s hard for me to understand English.

Which word can best replace difficult?


  • arduous,
  • Augean,
  • backbreaking,
  • challenging,
  • demanding,
  • effortful,
  • exacting,
  • formidable,

What is another word for difficult situation?

What is another word for difficult situation?

tight spot sticky wicket
plight dilemma
difficulty hole
mess bind
quandary mire

What are the difficult words?

As a follow up to our article on confusing words, here are ten of the most difficult words in English.

  • Literally. If you know a language purist, watch out.
  • Ironic.
  • Irregardless (instead of regardless)
  • Whom.
  • Colonel.
  • Nonplussed.
  • Disinterested.
  • Enormity.

What are the different levels of difficulty?

Difficulty Levels

  • Easier Than Easy.
  • Easy / Beginner / Novice.
  • Normal / Medium / Standard / Average / Intermediate.
  • Hard / Expert / Difficult.
  • Harder Than Hard (it may be Unlockable Content that is only revealed after completing the previous difficulty)

Is difficulty a Noncount noun?

Is Hindi difficult language?

First off, the script used to write Hindi, Devanagari, is considered particularly hard to get a hang of. Though it is one of the toughest languages in the world for English speakers, Hindi shares words with Arabic, so those who already speak Arabic will have a leg up in terms of vocabulary!

How do you say the most difficult?

synonyms for more difficult

  1. arduous.
  2. crucial.
  3. demanding.
  4. onerous.
  5. problematic.
  6. severe.
  7. tough.
  8. troublesome.

How do you express a bad situation?

synonyms for unpleasant situation

  1. bad trip.
  2. bum trip.
  3. bummer.
  4. depressing experience.
  5. disaster.
  6. downer.
  7. drag.
  8. raw deal.

What are the causes of spelling difficulties?

What’s Going On: Poor spelling is most often indicative of poor phonics caused by weak phonological awareness. If phonetically regular words are a problem, then your child will have a hard time learning conventions and exceptions, since every word looks like a candidate for a rule.

What is the best way to learn spelling?

The best way to learn to spell better depends on your own learning style. If you learn by hearing, spell words out loud, or have someone else do it for you. If you learn kinesically; that is, by movement, tracing words on paper or in the air may cement their correct spelling in your memory.

What is the most difficult word to spell?

If you want to be aware about the most difficult words to spell in English, here are some examples. Weird: Sometimes people spell it as wierd. Accommodate: Students spell the word as accommodate or accommodate. Handkerchief: People spell it as hankerchief because sometimes it is shortened as hanky. Indict: They spelled as indite.

What words are hard to spell?

Robert Heckendorn’s List of Hard to Spell Words (correct only) aggrandize. Arctic. Australia. Buddha. Caribbean. Connecticut. Czechoslovakia.