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Is Crealy busy?

Is Crealy busy?

Like all visitor attractions in Devon, the August school holidays are the busiest times. As Crealy is set in 100 acres, we can accommodate large numbers of visitors and find they soon disperse throughout the park.

How big is Crealy?

A Park that caters for the whole family from the smallest children to parents and grandparents alike, Crealy Theme Park & Resort has over 200 animals, 75,000 square feet of undercover play and extensive outdoor adventure areas for guests to explore.

How many rides does Crealy have?

60 rides
With over 60 rides and attractions, Crealy Theme Park & Resort is the South West’s number one family day out. Offering a wide selection of outdoor rides and attractions, plus huge indoor soft & adventure play areas, there is something to do for the whole family, whatever the weather!

What age group is Crealy for?

Good for kids upto age 10-12.

Is Crealy open in the rain?

Crealy Theme Park & Resort is predominately an outdoor attraction. Some rides and attractions can be affected by the weather and may close during extreme weather conditions such as high winds or very heavy rain. During periods of heavy rain some rides may be suspended including: The Twister rollercoaster.

Who owns Crealy Devon?

John Broome CBE
Following an acquisition in 2015, John Broome CBE purchased Cornwall’s Crealy and rebranded it as Camel Creek Adventure Park. The park attracts approximately 200,000 people a year.

What did Crealy used to be called?

Crealy Theme Park & Resort

Operated by Maximum Fun Devon Limited
Opened 1989
Previous names Crealy the Great Farm Adventure (1989-1992) Crealy Country Crealy Adventure Park & Resort
Operating season Every day through summer season, reduced hours during winter.

Can dogs go to Crealy?

Unfortunately no dogs or other pets can be admitted into the park except Assistance Dogs. Also, for the wellbeing of all dogs we don’t allow anyone to leave them in a car by themselves in our car park, however we do have limited kennels available which are free to hire service in exchange for a £20 key deposit.

Can you smoke at Crealy?

Crealy Theme Park & Resort is a no smoking destination. A designated smoking area is located centrally for anyone wishing to smoke.

Is there a weight limit at Crealy?

Minimum height to ride 82cm. All riders between 82-120cm must be accompanied by someone responsible over the age of 16. Riders who are over 120cm over can ride unaccompanied. Total weight per seat 90kg max.

Is Crealy suitable for a 2 year old?

Crealy Theme Park & Resort offers a fantastic range of attractions and activities for young children and toddlers, making it one of the best family days out in Devon.

What rides are closed at Crealy?

The following rides and attractions will close during periods of high winds:

  • The Twister rollercoaster.
  • The Flying Machine.
  • The Honey Swing.
  • The Flying Dutchman.
  • Maximus rollercoaster.

Where are the baby changing facilities at Crealy?

If you wish to leave the park and return the same day, you will need to obtain a hand stamp from a team member at the turnstiles. You must have a valid hand stamp to gain re-entry to the park. Baby changing facilities are located in all toilets across the park as indicated on the park map.

What are the rides at Crealy in Cornwall?

Following an acquisition in 2015, John Broome CBE purchased Cornwall’s Crealy and rebranded it as Camel Creek Adventure Park. The park attracts approximately 200,000 people a year. Major rides include the new 5D Simulator, Morgawr, The Beast, Raging River and Thunder Falls.

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