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Is Cornerstone diploma accredited?

Is Cornerstone diploma accredited?

Convenience- All of our courses are through correspondence, so you can earn your diploma without leaving home. Accreditation- We are accredited through ACI, Accrediting Commission International. International- Students from around the world can use cornerstone to receive their diploma.

How can I get a high school diploma without going to school?

You can take one of two national tests – the High School Equivalency Exam or the GED – instead of completing coursework. If you pass one of these tests, you will get the equivalent of a diploma.

What is the best online high school diploma program for adults?

GREAT NEWS: Excel High School offers a fully accredited, adult high school diploma program 100% online. Our program allows adult students the opportunity to pick up where they left off and to complete an accredited high school diploma online and at their own pace.

Can I finish high school online for free?

Connections Academy schools are tuition-free online public schools for students in grades K–12. With the flexibility of a virtual classroom, students can get their high school diploma on their own time.

Is Cornerstone GED legit?

Cornerstone Christian Ministries is a Georgia-based correspondence school that allows participants to earn their high school equivalency diploma through the mail. The correspondence diploma program is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission International.

What does it mean when something is accredited?

Definition of Accreditation Accreditation is the recognition from an accrediting agency that an institution maintains a certain level of educational standards. The U.S. Department of Education maintains a database of accrediting agencies it recognizes.

What is the fastest way to get high school diploma?

The fastest way to get a real high school diploma is to enroll into self-paced online courses, and spend the required time completing online courses and graduate as quickly as possible.

Can you lie about having a high school diploma?

Can I lie about having a high school diploma? Well, of course, they can fire you for lying on your application and/or for not having a high school diploma. Your question is not a legal one, it is a personal one. You can tell them that you lied, etc., the choice is yours to make.

How much is Penn Foster a month?

Enroll in a certificate program and make monthly payments as low as $49. Start working toward a diploma today for as little as $1. You can even earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in more than 20 high demand areas, and at an affordable price.

Where can I get my high school diploma online for free?

The following list of accredited schools offers free accredited high school Diploma programs you can get online at no cost.

  • #1. Penn Foster.
  • #2. Smart Horizons Career Online High School (COHS)
  • #3. James Madison High School Online.
  • #4. The Keystone School.
  • #5. Excel High School.
  • #6. Indiana University High School.
  • #7.
  • #8.

Can I get my GED online?

The official online proctored GED test can only be taken through GED Testing Service at If you’re getting ready to take the GED test, the internet has a wealth of resources to help you prepare.

Can you get a high school diploma after 21?

You can either get an official high school diploma or be well prepared to take on the GED exam. In the U.S. you are only allowed into high school until you are 21, and once you’re over that age, you will have to go to an adult high school.

What can I do with home equivalency test?

Welcome to Equivalency Testing. You can advance your education or improve your career prospects with us. Students can choose our combined ‘home study and exam’ or ‘exam only’ option, in the core subjects of Maths, English, Biology and Combined Science.

How do you get a GED at Cornerstone University?

Cornerstone University Admissions For the GED, a student should submit the application with an essay about her commitment to faith and information on any IEP or other special needs that were put in place while in a public school system.

When do you have to apply for Cornerstone College?

For college admission to Cornerstone, the application is free before August 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester. Each application should include an essay that states your commitment to your faith.

Can you go to Cornerstone Christian correspondence school?

Whether high school was a difficult place to earn the required credits, or a student intends to earn a degree outside of the traditional degree path, Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School can assist students as they reach for a GED and all the opportunities it can entail.