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How would you describe Paul from Tangerine?

How would you describe Paul from Tangerine?

Intriguing, inventive, and unusual are some words to describe the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor. This novel is about protagonist, Paul Fisher, who just moved from Houston, Texas, to Tangerine County Florida where he has to deal with natural disasters striking everyday.

What neighborhood does Paul live in Tangerine?

Lake Windsor
And really, it’s all about location in Tangerine. We start out in Lake Windsor, the housing development where Paul and his family live. Their neighborhood is nestled in among a bunch of other ritzy developments with fancy-sounding names, like the Manors of Coventry, and the Villas at Versailles.

How does Arthur benefit from Mike’s death?

Arthur benefits Mike’s death because he will have a better opportunity in football and finally be apart of the Erik Football Dream. Paul says he will feel relieved, but sorry if Erik had died.

Who died in Tangerine?

Heather Garey, M.S. In Edward Bloor’s novel Tangerine, Luis Cruz is killed by a blow to the head from a blackjack wielded by Erik Fisher’s friend, Arthur Bauer. The head wound doesn’t kill Luis right away. Luis had an aneurysm, which is a weakening in the wall of an artery; it…

Who does Paul have a crush on at Tangerine middle?

Kerri Gardner Kerri is a student at Lake Windsor Middle School who has a crush on Paul. We don’t know much about her—but we’re definitely team Theresa.

Why did Erik spray paint Paul’s eyes?

Erik and Vincent spray-painted Paul’s eyes because they believed that Paul was the one who got Vincent into trouble. While Erik held Paul’s eyelids open, Vincent sprayed white paint into them. This horrifying incident left Paul screaming in pain on the garage floor.

Why does Paul’s mother call the Tangerine times?

Why does Paul’s mother call the Tangerine Times? Paul’s mother calls the Tangerine Times so that two girls from Paul’s soccer team, Maya and Sandra will be put in the times because they are number one or will be number one in the all country boys’ team. 5. Paul remembers Joey’s first day of school at Tangerine Middle.

Why does Joey try to take off Mike’s shoes?

Joey was so determined to take Mike’s shoes off because Mike always took his shoes off when he returned from school or football practice. It was a comfortable tradition for the entire family. Joey likely latched onto this small detail because he was overwhelmed with grief and panic.

How do Erik and Arthur respond to Mike’s death What does this reveal about both of them?

Expert Answers Erik and Arthur are laughing after Mike Costello’s death because they are such insensitive, cruel boys that they find humor in Mike’s little brother’s reaction to the death. Joey, Mike’s little brother, quite understandably panicked and behaved strangely when his brother was suddenly killed.

How did Paul lose his eyesight in tangerine?

Paul lost his eyesight when his brother and a friend sprayed paint into his eyes. The real story is that his brother held him down while his friend Vincent sprayed paint into his eyes out of revenge, claiming that Paul got him into trouble.

What doesnt Erik do that most people his age do?

What doesn’t Erik do that most people his age do? He doesn’t look for a college to go to.

Why did Joey leave Tangerine middle?

Joey was dealing with the tragic loss of his older brother, and that caused him to change in ways that could never be predicted. His only reason for transferring to Tangerine was because Paul asked him to, and they had become fast friends.

Who are Paul’s friends in the book Tangerine?

Nov. 20 Paul invites his friends over to his house for the first time. Theresa, Tino ,and Henry get dropped off by Wayne. The plan is that they’ll use Paul’s computer to work on their science project. Tino is uncomfortable in Paul’s big house. Theresa is amazed.

Why does Henry want to go with Paul to save tangerines?

Henry explains that families that depend on citrus and vegetables need their kids to say home to help them fight off the cold. They build bonfires, he says, among other things to fight the cold. Paul wants to go help the Cruz family save their tangerines. He asks Henry if he wants to come with him after school.

Why did Paul want to go to the Cruzes?

Paul wants to go help the Cruz family save their tangerines. He asks Henry if he wants to come with him after school. Then he leaves a message with his mom, telling her that he’s going to the Cruzes. After school Wayne gives Henry and Paul a ride over.

Why did the Fisher family move to Tangerine?

The Fisher family moved to Tangerine because of Mr. Fisher’s job. He’s the chief civil engineer for Tangerine County. After Erik’s downfall, Mr. Fisher distances himself from Erik.