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How old is Lori Saunders?

How old is Lori Saunders?

79 years (October 4, 1941)
Lori Saunders/Age

Lori Saunders (born Linda Marie Hines; October 4, 1941 in Kansas City, Missouri) is an American film and television actress, probably best known for her role as Bobbie Jo Bradley in the television series Petticoat Junction (1965–1970).

Why did Lori Saunders leave Petticoat Junction?

She left the series in 1965 to pursue a movie career and went on to appear in more TV shows like Hee Haw and Gilligan’s Island as well as various films including The Big Mouth, Fever Heat, The Comic, and Electra Glide in Blue. The second actress to tackle Billie Jo was Gunilla Hutton, but only for the third season.

Who was Linda Kaye Henning married to?

Ashby Adamsm. 1994
Mike Minorm. 1968–1973
Linda Kaye Henning/Spouse

Is Meredith MacRae alive?

Deceased (1944–2000)
Meredith MacRae/Living or Deceased

What happened on the last episode of Petticoat Junction?

April 4, 1970
Petticoat Junction/Final episode date
During the show’s last season (1969–1970), Foulger became too ill to continue and Davis returned for the episode “Last Train To Pixley”. Ironically, Foulger died on the same day the final episode of Petticoat Junction aired: April 4, 1970.

Who did Betty Jo marry on Petticoat Junction?

Linda Kaye Henning
Steve Elliott was a character on “Petticoat Junction” from fall 1966 until the series ended in 1970. Elliott married Betty Jo on the show — and Minor married Linda Kaye Henning, who portrayed Linda Jo in 1968. (Henning and Elliott were married for five years.)

Is Linda Henning still in jail?

In 2003, he pled no contest to three counts of tampering with evidence and was given a suspended sentence. Henning’s case went to trial, and a jury convicted her of felony murder and other charges. She is serving a life sentence.

Are Greg Mullavey and Meredith MacRae still married?

Mullavey was married to actress Meredith MacRae from 1969 until 1987, when they divorced; they had one child, daughter Allison Mullavey. He has lived with actor/writer Ariana Johns since 1999–current as of 2017.

Is Meredith MacRae married?

Phil Nealm. 1995–2000
Greg Mullaveym. 1969–1987Richard Bergerm. 1965–1967
Meredith MacRae/Spouse

Is Meredith MacRae still alive?

How old is Meredith MacRae now?

Meredith MacRae, who played Billie Jo Bradley in the 1960’s sitcom ”Petticoat Junction,” died Friday from brain cancer. She was 56. Ms.

What happened Dimitri hossencofft?

What happened to Demetri? He was the little boy Hossencofft claimed was created in a test tube in 1996 and the reason he gave for killing Chew, who had loved Demetri like a son and fought for custody. Even before Chew’s death, Hossencofft had spitefully put the boy up for adoption in early 1999.