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How many times can you dodge lightning FFX?

How many times can you dodge lightning FFX?

If you press it fast enough you’ll dodge the lightning, if not you’ll get struck; you’ll need to dodge 200 consecutive strikes and get the reward to earn this trophy.

Do you have to dodge 200 lightning bolts in a row?

In order to get the Sigil for Lulu’s weapon, you need to dodge 200 lightning bolts. In a row. Without leaving the area. It’s a rather strenuous exercise, as lightning bolts are random, and require lightning-fast reflexes to dodge.

What do you get for dodging lightning in FFX?

Lightning dodge

Dodges Prize
5 X-Potion x2
10 Mega-Potion x2
20 MP Sphere x2
50 Strength Sphere x3

How do you get Lulu’s ultimate weapon?

Onion Knight is Lulu’s Celestial Weapon, found in a chest deep in the southern waters of Baaj Temple after defeating Geosgaeno. Initially, it only grants No AP.

What is Lulu celestial weapon?

Onion Knight is Lulu’s Celestial Weapon, found in a chest deep in the southern waters of Baaj Temple after defeating Geosgaeno. The names of the weapon’s crest and sigil depend on version.

How do I upgrade my Auron celestial weapon?

After obtaining the Celestial Mirror, the Mars Crest, the Mars Sigil, and Masamune, you can finally upgrade Auron’s Celestial Weapon. Head back to the giant crystal in Macalania Woods and present both the Mars Crest and the Mars Sigil to it.

What button is dodge lightning switch?

Throughout the area, there will be period lightning strikes, which you can dodge by pressing the X (Playstation)/A (Xbox)/B (Switch) button whenever you see the flash on the screen. If you don’t dodge it, the lightning will hit Tidus and he will be knocked to the ground, although you don’t suffer any HP loss.

What does lightning Ward do?

The Lightning Ward auto-ability halves the damage inflicted by Lightning elemental attacks, and can be customized to an armor with Electro Marble x4.

How much HP does Ultima weapon have FFX?

Ultima Weapons sports a measly 99,999 HP so keeping up your attacks will end the battle quickly enough and no strategy is really needed for this fight.

How to dodge Lightning 200 times in Final Fantasy?

First, pick a quiet time when there are no outside distractions to break your concentration. Second, when viewing the screen, don’t look at the scenery or other features while counting. Instead, focus on the upper right corner of the screen and use [X] when the screen starts to glow just before the next bolt hits.

Where do you go when lightning strikes in Final Fantasy?

As you enter from Guadosalam, if you move up the right hand side of the Thunder Plains, you will come to a “pocket” off to the right with a treasure chest and a Qactuar stone. If you snuggle in between the stone and the south wall, bolts will strike without Moving Tidus. So. if the random encounters are bothering you, that may be the place to go.

What do you get for lightning dancer Final Fantasy X?

There will be a chest outside with various items for your lightning dodging prowess. The final item will be the Venus Crest / Fire Star Holy Seal for Lulu’s Ultimate Weapon. Once you get that item you will earn the trophy.

Where to move Tidus after a lightning strike?

“Quickly” move Tidus back to his starting location after each lightning strike. Random encounters come at the start of the inter-bolt interval so recovery from them to the bolt counting mode is pretty risk free. There is a Qactuar stone across the path from the Save Sphere in North Thunder Plains.