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How many students are at Kaipara College?

How many students are at Kaipara College?

Student Population: Year Level

Funding year level Gender Total
Year 13+ Total 103
Total Female 410
Total Male 452
Total Total 862

How big is the Kaipara Harbour?

947 square kilometres
The local Māori tribe is Ngāti Whātua. By area, the Kaipara Harbour is one of the largest harbours in the world. It covers 947 square kilometres (366 sq mi) at high tide, with 409 square kilometres (158 sq mi) exposed as mudflats and sandflats at low tide.

Where in New Zealand is helensville?

North Island
Helensville is a town in the North Island of New Zealand. It is sited 40 kilometres northwest of Auckland, close to the southern extremity of the Kaipara Harbour….

Country New Zealand
Region Auckland
Territorial authority Auckland Council
Ward Rodney

What decile is helensville primary?

Decile 5
About the School

Location Helensville
School type Full Primary (Years 1 to 8)
Decile 5
School roll 372
Number of international students Nil

What time does Orewa College start?

Class Times

School Hours
8.40am – 9.00am Form Period
9.00am – 10.15am Block 1
10.15am – 10.40am INTERVAL

What decile is Kaipara College?


Kaipara College
School roll 915 (March 2021)
Socio-economic decile 7O

What is the biggest Harbour in New Zealand?

The Port of Tauranga is situated in Tauranga, New Zealand. It is the largest port in the country both in terms of total cargo volume, and in terms of container throughput with container volumes exceeding 950,000 TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units).

What is the Kaipara Harbour used for?

The harbour served as an important port before roads and rail lines were built in the area. Major settlements on the inlet are Helensville, Ruawai, and Paparoa. Kaipara North Head Lighthouse, near Pouto, Kaipara Harbour, North Island, New Zealand.

How old is Helensville?

Other industries include general engineering, the manufacture of concrete products, and sawmilling. At Parakai, 2 miles north of Helensville, is the attractive Helensville Hot Springs Domain. Helensville came into being in 1863 as a port associated with the kauri timber trade.

What is the Maori name for Helensville?

The Helensville district was originally called Te Awaroa, or ”the Valley of the Long River’ by local Maori.

How big is Orewa?

Orewa, comprising the three statistical areas of Orewa Central, Orewa North and Orewa South, had a population of 10,242 at the 2018 New Zealand census, an increase of 1,653 people (19.2%) since the 2013 census, and an increase of 2,871 people (38.9%) since the 2006 census. There were 4,389 households.

When does the school day start at Kaipara College?

The Kaipara College school day commences at 8:45am and concludes at 3:00pm, except on Wednesdays when school commences at 9:30am (school bus timetables run to the same time every day). The Wednesday late start enables our staff to take part in a comprehensive professional development programme, ultimately benefiting staff and students alike.

Is the Kaipara College in India a uniform school?

Kaipara College is a uniform school. Parents are asked to ensure that their children wear correct school uniform. In rare circumstances, where students may not be able to wear a uniform item, parents should write a note to the school explaining the circumstances and the school will issue a permit which is only available from the Deans Office.

When did Kaipara high school change its name?

The school began as Helensville District High School in 1924, and changed its name to Kaipara College in 1959. A fire destroyed two classrooms and many resources in December 2006. Since 2010, construction has begun on the school up until today.

What should I wear to Kaipara College Year 13?

Kaipara College Uniform List Only school sanctioned items (listed above) are to be worn as part of the uniform. Year 13 students are permitted to wear ‘Number Ones’. That is a matching navy coloured suit set (pants/skirt) with white blouse/shirt.