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How does the Pardoner manipulate his audience?

How does the Pardoner manipulate his audience?

The Pardoner’s methods are all about manipulating the emotions of his audience to get them to buy his pardons and relics. The Pardoner keeps a sack full of old rags and bones, which he passes off to his audience as relics, or the real clothing or bones of saints.

Why does the Pardoner sell pardons?

His profession is somewhat dubious—pardoners offered indulgences, or previously written pardons for particular sins, to people who repented of the sin they had committed. Along with receiving the indulgence, the penitent would make a donation to the Church by giving money to the pardoner.

What does the Pardoner sell along with pardons )?

The cynical Pardoner explains in a witty prologue that he sells indulgences—ecclesiastical pardons of sins—and admits that he preaches against avarice although he practices it himself.

What idea does the Pardoner use at the end of the take to sell his pardons and relics?

At the end of his tale, the Pardoner encourages the other pilgrims to come forward to make offerings to his relics or purchase one of his pardons. He tells them how lucky and honored they are to have a pardoner with them on their journey.

Why does the Pardoner remind the pilgrims that they are lucky to have him?

By Chaucer, Geoffrey After telling his fable, which is designed to inspire a fear of damnation that loosens up the purse strings, the Pardoner tries out his techniques on the pilgrims. He reminds the pilgrims how lucky they are that they have a Pardoner on the pilgrimage so they can buy the goods before he runs out.

How does the Pardoner keep us his extravagant lifestyle?

How does the Pardoner keep up his extravagant lifestyle? His church pays for all his expenses. The Pope gives him money to spend. He sells authentic holy relics from Rome.

Why do the three rioters go looking for death?

Why are the three rioters looking for Death? They are looking for Death because a boy told them it was death who killed the person in the coffin and other people in town. They expect to find Death sitting there under the tree, but instead they find treasure.

Who is the character the three revelers run into?

The old man in rags is a typical character in a parable, a prophet-like figure who gives the travelers information that turns out to be dangerous. Instead of the figure of Death that they expect to find, the three revelers find bushels of gold that ultimately lead them to their deaths through their greed.

Why do the three rioters go looking for Death?

Why do they want to wait before they take the gold away?

Why do the rioters want to wait before they take the gold away? All three of the rioters make frequent references to religion, some as if their lives are lived in a religious context.

Where does the old man tell them to look for Death?

Where does the old man tell the three rioters to look for death? They want directions to Death and he tells them to go under the tree and they’ll find him.