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How does the creation of variation in a species promote survival class 10?

How does the creation of variation in a species promote survival class 10?

Hint: The variations ensured the species’ survival as they allowed the population members to adapt to the changing climate and conditions. The species are more suited for the changed atmosphere. The continuity of the species is thus preserved.

How does the creation of variation in a species promotes its survival?

Answer : The changes in the environment brings out Variations in the species. Such variations enable stability to the population of various species by preventing them from getting wiped out during adverse conditions. Thus, variations help a species in survival.

Why variations are essential for the survival of species?

Genetic variation is an important force in evolution as it allows natural selection to increase or decrease frequency of alleles already in the population. Genetic variation is advantageous to a population because it enables some individuals to adapt to the environment while maintaining the survival of the population.

What is variation class 10?

Variation is always the difference between an ideal and an actual situation. Between the individuals of the same species, there can be seen differences between the characteristics which is known as the Variation. During the reproduction, there are some variations that passed on from parents to offspring, via genes.

How does the creation of variation in species?

The geographical isolation of individual of a species leads to genetic drift. This limits the sexual reproduction of the separated population. This results in separated individuals reproducing among themselves. This leads to the formation of a new variation.

Why variations are more in human beings?

The variations can be seen in the human beings because the sexual reproduction and the genetic variations, crossing over and gene mutations in the human offspring.

Do all variations in a species have equal chance of survival class 10?

Answer: (d) All variations in a species do not have equal chances of survival. Some of the variations may be so drastic that the new DNA copy cannot work with the cellular apparatus it inherits. Such a newborn cell dies soon.

Is variation important for a species?

Hint: The variation in species is important because it helps to establish more suitable progeny and adaptability of organisms in relation to the changing environment. Complete answer: Thus, the variants help in the survival of species.

Why the variations are important?

Answer: Variations are important for species survival because variation causes the organism to overcome extreme situations. Organism species occupy well-defined positions in the ecosystem, utilizing their reproductive capacity.

What is variation and its types?

Variations are the differences in the genetic makeup or phenotype of various organisms. Variations arise due to mutation, recombination at the time of gamete formation or due to environmental factors. Variations can be categorised into two types: These are caused due to mutation, recombination, etc.

What factors could lead to the rise of a new species?

The main factors which lead to the rise of new species are natural selection, genetic drift, geographical isolation, and mutation. In speciation, a single evolutionary lineage gets split into two or more genetically independent lineages due to the actions of several environmental factors.