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How does Laurie Saunders feel about The Wave?

How does Laurie Saunders feel about The Wave?

Ross creates The Wave as an attempt to get his students to see how easily groupthink can take over a community, but as the experiment grows more and more out of control, Laurie is horrified by how The Wave transforms her classmates, and indeed her teacher as well. …

How does Laurie describe The Wave in her article?

Laurie herself is writing an editorial for the paper’s special issue condemning The Wave as “a dangerous and mindless movement.” She calls for a stop to The Wave in her article, even though she knows her voice may draw unwanted attention.

Why does Laurie not like the book The wave?

She explains that because of The Wave, she feels free for the first time to be herself and not constantly compete with Laurie. She adds that Laurie only dislikes The Wave because “it means you’re not a princess anymore” (100). When the new issue of The Grapevine is published, Gordon High is consumed with discussion.

Why does Laurie have to give the wave salute?

However, when she tries to enter the stands, Brad tells her that she must give the Wave salute before she can be allowed in. She argues with him, and Brad seems to agree that the salute rule is silly. However, he is also afraid to let Laurie into the stands without enforcing the rule.

Why did Laurie Saunders deny the wave movement?

Some of the students take it more personal than others do. Because of Laurie’s bravery, independence, and determination, Laurie denies the Wave. Laurie feels nobody recognizes her anymore during the wave movement; therefore she is brave by denying it.

Who are the characters in the wave by Laurie Saunders?

The The Wave quotes below are all either spoken by Laurie Saunders or refer to Laurie Saunders. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ).