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How do you use the word disconnect in a sentence?

How do you use the word disconnect in a sentence?

Examples of disconnect in a Sentence The alarm system had been disconnected. Before starting, be sure to disconnect the power supply. Our landlord threatened to disconnect our electricity. We were talking on the phone but suddenly we got disconnected.

What does unhook the trailer mean?

💼 Post-College Level. verb (used with object) to detach by or as if by releasing a hook: to unhook a tractor from a trailer.

How do you use the word way in a sentence?

Way sentence example

  1. Travel the way you wish to go.
  2. I thought that was the best way to carry her.
  3. On the way across the open water, they saw several dolphins.
  4. In fact, that was a good way to make sure he didn’t.
  5. Two children, brother and sister, were on their way to school.
  6. I don’t like that way of doing things.

What is a good sentence for the word eject?

: to force or push out He was ejected from the meeting. The machine ejected the tape.

What is the root word of disconnect?

Disconnection adds the “not” prefix dis- to connection, which comes from the Latin connexionem, “a joining together.” Definitions of disconnection. state of being disconnected. synonyms: disconnectedness, disjunction, disjuncture.

What do you mean by detached?

1 : standing by itself : separate, unconnected especially : not sharing any wall with another building a house with a detached garage.

What does unhook mean in English?

transitive verb. 1 : to remove from a hook. 2 : to unfasten by disengaging a hook. 3 : to free from a habit or dependency.

What’s the meaning of unhitched?

transitive verb. : to free from or as if from being hitched.

How do you use the word weight in a sentence?

Weight sentence example

  1. The boxes were heavy, so carrying two of them was too much weight to handle.
  2. He exercised enough and his weight was perfect.
  3. They needed to gain a little weight before they would be released from the hospital, though.
  4. Deidre let her full weight settle against him.

How do you use the word wail in a sentence?

Wail in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The toddler started to wail after he fell off his bike and scraped his knee.
  2. Jenny rushed into the baby’s room to see if he was hurt when she heard his pain-filled wail.
  3. Melissa let off a heartbroken wail when she learned of her father’s death.

What is the noun of reject?

rejection. The act of rejecting. The state of being rejected. (sports) A blocked shot.

What does it mean to eject something on a Mac?

The eject button closes the installer part of the app. It does not uninstall the application assuming you moved the . app to the applications folder. Some people try and run the app from the installation package. It will work but as soon as you eject it the program is no longer run-able.

What’s the meaning of the word’unhook’?

If he’s undersize unhook him gently and throw him back into the river. It is evidently to mobilize certain of these atoms, to unhook them from the wall and put them in swing. All that the hangman, whoever he may be, does under the new regime is to unhook the halter and remove the pinioning straps.

Which is the correct spelling unhook or unfasten?

1 : to remove from a hook He unhooked the fish. 2 : to unfasten the hooks of I unhooked my belt. Which is the correct spelling? Test your vocabulary with our 10-question quiz!

What does it mean to unhook a tractor from a trailer?

/ ʌnˈhʊk /. to detach by or as if by releasing a hook: to unhook a tractor from a trailer. to unfasten or open by undoing a hook or hooks: to unhook a door; to unhook a corset.

How do you unhook a fish from the sink?

You do not stop to unhook the fish, but simply slap them over into the barrel behind you, and then out with the hook again. The apprentice ran to unhook the one that hung over the kitchen sink, and handed it to her. The gunners jump from their seats sharp as sailors, unhook the limbers, leaving the guns pointed towards the enemy.