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How do you turn off a Land Rover Discovery alarm?

How do you turn off a Land Rover Discovery alarm?

To disarm the alarm, press the unlock button on the Smart Key or press the START STOP button with the Smart Key inside the vehicle. Single-point entry allows only the driver’s door to unlock with a single press.

What is a EKA code?

This code is only used in emergencies to start your Land Rover when your remote is lost or it fails to work, get a spare key fob!

How do you turn off the alarm on a Discovery sport watch?

Press and hold to activate the global closing feature, if available. See GLOBAL CLOSING. Unlock: Press briefly to unlock the vehicle and disarm the alarm. The hazard warning lights flash twice to indicate that the vehicle is unlocked and the alarm is disarmed.

How do I disarm the alarm on my Land Rover Discovery II?

Customerreply replied 12 years ago The red alarm light on the dash is blinking, I can turn the key all the way to the third position and then it is blocked. All of the door locks work. When i put the key into the ignition the hazards come on and the red alarm light beeps faster. Auto Mechanic: jan73, Auto Service Technician replied 12 years ago

When does the alarm stop flashing on a Land Rover?

DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR OR ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE CAR until the full delay period has elapsed. When the 5 minute wait has elapsed, the alarm indicator LED stops flashing.

How do I know it went bad on my Land Rover Discovery?

The car most likely has a drives side door latch assy.. There is a switch in that latch that is responsible for operating the alarm system. Unfortunately, when that goes bad, there is nothing you can do to start the car, it has to be replaced. Ask Your Own Car Question Customerreply replied 12 years ago How do i know it went bad?

Is there a reset button on a Land Rover?

It’s not a reset, it’s an over-ride of the security system and if your vehicle has a similar system then it’s all detailed in the owners handbook. Just don’t lock the vehicle as you will have to enter the code all over again. Better still make sure you have a fob that’s 100% and a spare one as a backup.