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How do you get more cheese in transformice?

How do you get more cheese in transformice?

Cheese coins are a consumable that adds cheese currency to your shop when consumed. They are tradable before they are used, and can be obtained in events, by completing daily quests, or purchased from village rooms using shaman, racing, bootcamp, survivor, or adventure ticket coins.

How do you get free Fraise in transformice?

Another way to get fraises is through watching fraise videos, which are 15–30 second ads that reward players with one fraise. The option to watch these videos only occurs sometimes in the bottom right corner of the Shop.

How do you get cheese coins in transformice?

Cheese coins may be earned through adventures, trading tickets to the Prof in village rooms (10 tickets for 20cc), or trading any other coin with Papaille in village rooms (50 coins for 50cc). You cannot redeem more than 200 cheese coins per day.

Can you gift fraises on transformice?

Gifting. Gift giving postcard It is possible to gift shop items (including furs) to someone on Transformice. This does not work on items you’ve purchased for yourself (therefore meaning you cannot use gifting as a means to “discard” items), and only works with items purchasable with Fraises.

How do you get shaman coins?

Shaman coins, also called feather coins, can be earned in any game mode that has a shaman. You earn shaman coins based on how many mice you save and on what shaman mode you are using. Shaman coins can be traded to the Oracle for various rewards, Papaille for cheese coins, or Elise for random consumables each day.

How do you get titles in transformice?

Titles are unlockable words or phrases you can apply to your mouse. They appear below the names of players. All new players begin with one title—Little Mouse, and can earn more by completing specific goals. You can achieve as many titles as you want, but may only assign one to your mouse at any time.

How much does transformice cost?

Transformice is -literally- free to play.

How do you give a gift on transformice?

To proceed, simply click on the new button “make a gift” that appears in the shop. Select a player of your choice, and, if you wish, add a note to your gift. The mouse receiving the gift can also send you a thank you message!

What do you do with Shaman coins?

Shaman coins can be traded to the Oracle for various rewards, Papaille for cheese coins, or Elise for random consumables each day. Players receive one Shaman coin per 4, 5, or 6 mice saved in divine, hard, or normal mode, respectively.

How do you become a shaman in transformice?

Becoming a shaman. At the start of each round, the mouse with the highest score is chosen to become the shaman (if a tie one is chosen at random). A mouse gains points by bringing cheese to the hole, once for every round completed.

How do you make orbs in transformice?

Collectible – These cartouches are obtained via events. Once obtained, they are permanent, and can be chosen on one’s profile page. To revert to default, one can simply click the first. plain orb.

Is Transformice shutting down in 2020?

It was closed down on 26 April 2020, removing access to all games hosted on it. This site now links to a single page informing people of the shut down, and how to stay in contact with other players who still want to stay in contact.