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How did Trey Songz became famous?

How did Trey Songz became famous?

Tremaine Aldon Neverson (born November 28, 1984), known professionally as Trey Songz, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper and actor. His debut album, I Gotta Make It, was released in 2005 through Atlantic Records. His follow-up album, Trey Day, spawned his first top 20 single, “Can’t Help but Wait”.

When did Trey Songz get signed?

After releasing many mixtapes under the name Prince of Virginia he signed to Atlantic Records in 2005 and released his debut album I Gotta Make It. His second album, Trey Day, was released in 2007 and earned him a Grammy nomination.

How did Drake meet Trey Songz?

Drake walked in, toting his “Replacement Girl” demo. Upon hearing the song, Trigga heard the melodic vocals, which he felt were similar to his actual tone and Drake invited him to be on the track. “From then, we started making music and built a relationship,” Trey continued.

How much is Trey Songz worth 2020?

Trey Songz’ net worth is reportedly around $12million as of 2020. The star has dropped eight albums: I Gotta Make It (2005), Trey Day (2007), Ready (2009), Passion, Pain & Pleasure (2010), Chapter V (2012), Trigga (2014), Tremaine (2017) and Back Home (2020).

How Old Is Bow Wow now?

34 years (March 9, 1987)
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Who is Nicki Minaj’s net worth?

1 Nicki Minaj – Net Worth: $85 million.

Who is Trey Songz signed to?

Atlantic Records
Warner Music AustraliaWarner Music Sweden
Trey Songz/Record labels

When did comeback season come out?

September 1, 2007
Comeback Season/Release date

How tall is Lil Romeo?

1.8 m
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How old was Trey Songz when he was born?

In short, his story is one of faith, determination, struggle, hard work, humbleness and the power of dreaming Trey Songz was born as Tremaine Aldon Neverson on November 28, 1984, in Petersburg, Virginia, to Claude Neverson Jr and April Tucker.

How did Trey Songz get his first record deal?

Reluctant to sing, he began performing with encouragement by friends and family in high school. Record producer Troy Taylor was introduced to Songz through Songz’s step-father with whom Taylor attended High School, ultimately leading to Songz signing a recording contract with Atlantic Records in 2003.

When did Trey Songz album Chapter V come out?

Chapter V was released on August 21, 2012, by Atlantic Records, and on August 17 as a digital download. Trey Songz toured in promotion of the album on his Anticipation 2our, a tour spanning from February 9 to March 11, 2012, in North America. Rapper Big Sean was the tour’s supporting act.

Why did Trey Songz move to New Jersey?

Regular interventions and encouragement made him sign up for a talent show, where record-producer Troy Taylor heard him and recognised his potential. After completing his graduation, he moved to New Jersey to learn from the former.