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How did Fernando Torres meet his wife?

How did Fernando Torres meet his wife?

Fernando met the love of his life, Olalla Domínguez Liste in the year 2001 which was the first year of being a professional player in Athletico. They met in the Galician seaside town of Estorde, Cee, where Torres would go on family holidays each year to escape city life from the Spanish capital.

Why is Torres called El Nino?

Sports Nicknames – El Nino Fernando Torres was once the hottest striker in the world. Whether he was playing in Spain or England, before the age of 25 he was banging in goals left, right and center. Because he was so young and so prolific, he earned the nickname El Nino (The Kid).

What age is Fernando Torres?

37 years (March 20, 1984)
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Who does Fernando Torres play for 2021?

Fernando Torres to take over as Atlético Madrid’s youth team coach. The former Atlético Madrid striker Fernando Torres has been appointed as the club’s youth-team coach. Torres worked in the Atlético academy set-up last season as an assistant, and will make the step up to head coach for the 2021-22 campaign.

Who does Torres play for now?

Atletico Madrid Juvenil Amanager
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When did Fernando Torres get married?

May 27, 2009 (Olalla Domínguez Liste)
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Does El Nino mean?

Little Boy
El Niño means Little Boy, or Christ Child in Spanish. South American fishermen first noticed periods of unusually warm water in the Pacific Ocean in the 1600s. The full name they used was El Niño de Navidad, because El Niño typically peaks around December.

Is Fernando Torres still playing?

After his retirement, Torres began to prepare himself to continue playing football and, in recent months, he has been part of the rojiblanco academy. He first came through there as a youngster and has recently been assisting with the coaching.

When did Ferran Torres join Man City?

2020Manchester City F.C.
2017Valencia CF Mestalla, Valencia CF
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Is Ferran Torres fast?

In 2018, Spanish football journalist Guillem Balagué noted that Torres “is a dribbler, fast on the wing, can play on either wing, and he has got ability and intelligence.

Does Torres play for Spain?

Ferran Torres García (born 29 February 2000) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League club Manchester City and the Spain national team. He has represented Spain internationally at various youth levels and debuted for the senior team in 2020.

What team does Ferran Torres play for?

Manchester City F.C.#21 / Forward
Spain national football team#11 / ForwardSpain national under-21 football teamForward
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Currently priced at just £7.1 million, Manchester City’s Ferran Torres could represent excellent value for money as a member of your FPL squad, and due to his finishing ability in conjunction with the champions’ attacking prowess, the Spanish international is worth considering.