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How can you tell the age of a grand piano?

How can you tell the age of a grand piano?

Many pianos will have a 4, 5 or 6 digit serial number to identify the age of the piano. Using this number, along with the manufacturer, the age of the piano can sometimes be determined.

Are Bradbury pianos good?

Bradbury pianos garnered a reputation for their high grade of manufacturing and materials. The scale used on all of the different Bradbury piano variations was recognized by experts as having a particular sweetness and power. After Bradbury died in 1867, the company was taken over by F.G. Smith.

How do I identify a baby grand piano?


  1. Open the lid and look above the keyboard area.
  2. Look in front of the soundboard in either corner.
  3. Look along the inside plate holes or it may be in one of the circles stamped into the soundboard.
  4. The number may be stamped under the piano.

How do you value a piano?

So how can you value your piano? The best way is to ask a professional piano tuner/technician to come and take a look at your piano. Make sure the tuner is a member of the Piano Tuners Association (PTA). Members of the PTA have passed a high level tuning test and also completed general piano repairs.

How long does a piano last?

40 to 50 years
A rule-of-thumb answer typically given is that an average piano under average conditions will last 40 to 50 years. However, even after a piano has ended its natural life for a particular purpose, it may still have a new life as a used instrument for a lesser purpose.

Do pianos appreciate in value?

From a financial perspective (excluding instruments with special historical or artistic value), pianos are a depreciating asset. They depreciate quickly for the first few years and then slowly thereafter. They may eventually appear to appreciate in value, but the appreciation is entirely due to inflation.

What are the worst piano brands?

The Worst Pianos To Avoid

  1. Wurlitzer. These pianos are not made “professional” friendly.
  2. Daewoo. Daewoo is a brand from Korean manufacturers which produced and exported pianos since 1976.
  3. Kranich & Bach. On this list, this name brand is the oldest.
  4. Samick.
  5. Marantz.
  6. Lindner.
  7. Williams.
  8. Artesia.

Which brand of piano is best?

The Best Piano Brand in the World List

  • Bechstein.
  • Bösendorfer.
  • Steinway & Sons.
  • Yamaha.
  • Kawai.
  • Blüthner.
  • Fazioli.
  • Mason & Hamlin.

Where is the serial number on a baby grand piano?

Usually four to eight digits, the serial number is most often located near the tuning pins, either printed directly on the plate or engraved in the wooden pinblock and showing through a cut-away portion of the plate.

Are old pianos worth any money?

Like antique books, antique pianos are not worth a lot of money just because they are old. In actuality these old instruments may be worth very little at all. Most antique, upright pianos are worth $500 or less in very good condition. This is because a piano is actually a machine.

How do I know if my piano is worth money?

Appraisers of used pianos and other consumer goods typically use three differentmethods to determine fair market value: comparable sales, depreciation, and idealized value minus the cost of restoration.

Are old pianos worth buying?

Are old pianos better than new ones? The answer is: it depends. Old pianos can continue to sound wonderful for many years with regular maintenance and care, but even pianos that have deteriorated can often be restored to their former glory, and in many cases made to sound even better than when they were new.

When was the first Bradbury grand piano made?

“Bradbury” pianos built by Winter after 1930 were primarily small console and spinet style pianos but also included a limited number of very small baby grand pianos. Winter discontinued the W. P. Haines and Bradbury brand names in about 1950.

Where can I find the serial number on my baby grand piano?

Here are the TOP FIVE places to locate the serial number of your BABY GRAND or GRAND piano: Note: You may have to remove the (1) music desk first and (2) gently clean out any dust from your piano’s plate [using a soft dry cloth + vacuum hose] before you can find these numbers.

How can I find out the age of my piano?

– FIND THE AGE & SERIAL NUMBER OF YOUR PIANO Some p iano manufacturers place serial numbers in various places. The age of your piano is determined by the Serial Number. Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers.

When did Ferdinand Lighte leave the Bradbury Piano Company?

In 1858 Henry J. Newton withdrew from the partnership and E. G. Bradbury, brother of William Bradbury, was admitted to the firm. The firm was then reorganized as “Lighte & Bradbury”. Ferdinand Lighte left the firm in 1864 at which time William Bradbury independently formed the “Bradbury Piano Company”.