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How can I get a free NY Times subscription?

How can I get a free NY Times subscription?

How to get a free NY Times 72-Hour Pass

  1. Click on the New York Times Digital code redemption link on the SF Library page.
  2. Click Redeem to get 72 hours of continuous access.
  3. Register with your personal email address, or click on “log in here” if you have already created an account.

Does NY Times subscription cost money?

The New York Times: Digital and Home Delivery Subscriptions. Unlimited access to all the journalism we offer. Billed as $17 $4 every 4 weeks for one year. You can cancel anytime.

What is NYT basic subscription?

The Basic Digital Access Subscription provides access to unlimited articles, podcasts, videos and more on and the NYTimes app (iOS and Android). To learn more or to purchase a Basic Digital Access Subscription, visit

Do students get free New York Times?

Yes. Save with our special rate for U.S. educators and students, plus free, unlimited access to and NYTimes apps.

Can you just subscribe to the Sunday Times?

Simply log in to enjoy unlimited web access to The Times and The Sunday Times. You can also download The Times app on your smartphone or tablet device.

How much does the Sunday New York Times cost?

Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy says the big Sunday newspaper still costs the same: $5 in the New York area and $6 in the rest of the country. And the cost of digital subscriptions remains the same.

How much does NYT cooking cost?

What is the cost of a NYT Cooking subscription? An NYT Cooking subscription can be purchased at a rate of $5, billed every 4 weeks. You can also choose to purchase a subscription bill annually, at a rate of $40 per year. How can I purchase a subscription to NYT Cooking?

How do college students get free New York Times?

Q. How can I get a free subscription to the New York Times?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your campus from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on create account, enter your campus email address.
  4. Create a password.
  5. Then indicate you are a student and choose your graduation year.

How much does The Sunday Times cost 2020?

News UK has announced that The Sunday Times will cost 20p more from Sunday 7 July but margins for retailers will remain at 21%. Increasing in price from £2.70 to £2.90, the change is forecast to deliver an extra £5.6m in cash per year for stores. Retailers selling the paper will now make 60.9p on every copy sold.

Which newspaper subscription is best?

The New York Times
With 7.5 million subscriptions, The New York Times (NYT) takes the top spot on the list….The Full Breakdown.

Rank Publication Paid Subscriptions
1 The New York Times 6,100,000
2 The Washington Post 3,000,000
3 The Wall Street Journal 2,400,000
4 Game Informer 2,100,000

How much does the Sunday Times cost 2020?

How much is a New York Times subscription?

New York Times Subscriptions starting at $2/Week for 1 Year. Keep up with what’s happening in the world with respected news coverage by The New York Times. Free First Month with The New York Times Crosswords Subscription. Details: Get access to daily Crossword puzzles, over 20 years of archived crosswords, and daily Mini Puzzles. Nov 15 2019

How many subscribers does New York Times have?

The New York Times announced it now has 130 million monthly readers and 3.5 million paid subscriptions, which is more than double the company’s subscriber count since Q3 2015. The growth in paid subscriptions is notable as it helps the company stem against declining print ad revenue,…

How do I Cancel my New York Times subscription?

The most reliable way to cancel your New York Times subscription, whether it’s digital or print, is by phone or online through the newspaper’s chat function. You can also cancel through email, but the process may not be as immediate. Once you’re speaking to a representative,…

Is NY Times free?

Starting today, readers without a New York Times subscription will only be able to read up to five free articles per month — half of the previously allotted 10 articles. As reported by Bloomberg, the decision comes as the The New York Times Co.