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How big is Bronson Lake Michigan?

How big is Bronson Lake Michigan?

Bronson Lake is a lake in Michigan and has an elevation of 758 feet. Bronson Lake is situated west of Platte River Junction, close to Hooker Lake….Bronson Lake.

Latitude 44.6911° or 44° 41′ 27.8″ north Longitude -85.8804° or 85° 52′ 49.6″ west
Open Location Code 86PPM4R9+CR Elevation 758 feet (231 metres)

Is Lake Lapeer a private lake?

Located south of Lapeer and north of Oxford, Lake Lapeer was developed as a manmade private lake in the early 1970s and continues to operate as such currently. The Lake Lapeer Association is the official organization of the homeowners.

How many lakes are in Lapeer County Michigan?

113 lakes
There are 113 lakes in Lapeer County, Michigan.

How many acres is Bronson Lake?

3598 acres
Lake Bronson State Park

Lake Bronson State Park WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources
Nearest city Lake Bronson, Minnesota
Coordinates 48°43′29″N 96°36′12″WCoordinates: 48°43′29″N 96°36′12″W
Area 3598 acres (14.5km²)
Visitation 110,975 (2006)

Is Lake Lapeer man made?

Lake Lapeer itself is special. It’s a man-made lake north of Pontiac and east of Flint, but unlike a lake made by digging, its shape is not monotonous. It was created instead in the 1970s by damming water sources in Metamora’s twisty, craggy topography.

Does Lake nepessing have a beach?

Lake Shore Resort Beach 6.1.

How big is Hemingway Lake in Michigan?

Hemingway Lake is a lake in Michigan and has an elevation of 896 feet. Hemingway Lake is situated west of Hadley, close to Green Corners Cemetery….Hemingway Lake.

Latitude 42.9563° or 42° 57′ 22.6″ north Longitude -83.4183° or 83° 25′ 5.8″ west
Open Location Code 86JRXH4J+GM Elevation 896 feet (273 metres)

How big is big fish Lake Michigan?

105 acres
Big Fish Lake is 105 acres and reaches a maximum depth of 70 feet (Figure 2).

How many acres is Lake Lapeer?

365 acres
For a midsize lake of 365 acres, Lake Lapeer’s shoreline is a startling 7 miles.

How big is Lake nepessing in Michigan?

414 acre
Lake Nepessing is a 414 acre lake located in Elba Township of Lapeer County 3 miles southwest of the City of Lapeer (Figure 1).

What lake in Michigan did Hemingway live?

Walloon Lake
Ernest Hemingway spent every summer of his childhood at his family’s cottage on the shores of Walloon Lake, exploring the rivers, lakes and woods of northern Michigan.

Did Ernest Hemingway ever live in Michigan?

Born on July 21, 1899, just outside of Chicago, Ernest Miller Hemingway grew up in the middle-class town of Oak Park, Illinois. Hemingway spent parts of his first 22 summers with his family in Northern Michigan, near Petoskey. Presented by the Michigan Humanities Council and the Michigan Hemingway Society.