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Why do certain people answer a question with a question?

Why do certain people answer a question with a question?

1. Some people ask a question with a question because they do not trust the person asking the question. 2. Some people cannot deal with others that disagree with them and some people don’t know with certainty how you will respond.

Why do some people not give straight answers?

The willful ignorance toward even one of the pillars that your question is built on, will leave unnecessary room for interpretation in the answers that people give. They’d be able to get away with seemingly answering your questions without delivering definite information for you to find value in.

Can a person give you a detailed answer?

Detailed, descriptive, answers can only be elicited with questions which are detailed and descriptive in their own right. Each question that you ask is structured by way of foundational pillars which are then aesthetically added to and connected with vocabulary. Without any one of these pillars, the question would completely lose its meaning.

What does it mean to say no to a question?

Saying no. A straightforward refusal is simply to say that you are not going to answer the question. I’m not going to answer that. Note that saying you do not want to answer the question may well be seen as a delay, not a refusal, and so result in them persisting.

Why are bad questions more important than answers?

A bad question can be judged so because it gets at the wrong content, is full of unnecessary jargon, or is syntactically corrupt. But more than anything else, the most telling hallmark of a bad question is that it encourages learners to guess what the teacher’s thinking. To try to get into the mind of the question-maker.

Why is the right question more important than answers?

The right question at the right time can make a learning experience, because more than anything read, drawn, or even written, a question is acute and properly troubling. It creates a needle-point of light even as it suggests darkness.