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Who are the antagonist in the book Of Mice and Men?

Who are the antagonist in the book Of Mice and Men?

The antagonist of Of Mice and Men is the oppressive society in which migrant workers are kept in fear and isolation. This antagonistic force is embodied by Curley, whose insecurities lead him to lash out at those he deems weaker than himself.

Is George Milton the antagonist or protagonist?

George Milton is the somewhat unlikeable protagonist of Of Mice and Men. While Lennie Small, George’s companion, is simple-minded and friendly, George is sharp in every way: his physical features are slim and sharp; he has a sharp mind and wit; he is quick-tempered and sharp when dealing with Lennie.

Is Curley a protagonist or antagonist?

Curley is the antagonist, or the character who stands in opposition to the protagonist (usually the main character), in Of Mice and Men. He is the son of the boss of the ranch and is always stirring up trouble for everyone, particularly the main characters, George and Lennie.

How is Lennie a protagonist?

Steinbeck achieves these two feats by creating a protagonist who earns the reader’s sympathy because of his utter helplessness in the face of the events that unfold. Lennie is totally defenseless. He cannot avoid the dangers presented by Curley, Curley’s wife, or the world at large.

Is Curley’s wife an antagonist?

Curley’s wife is never even given a name in Of Mice and Men. She is often portrayed as an antagonist, a character who stands in opposition to the main character, but her more human side emerges as the novel progresses.

Why does crooks not want Lennie in his room?

Crooks doesn’t want Lennie in his room because it is the one space he has that is his–he’s “lord” of his humble abode in the barn. Additionally, Crooks is forbidden from most of the places or activities associated with the white men on the ranch; so this is his opportunity to control the situation for once.

Why is slim a static character?

Lesson Summary Throughout Of Mice and Men, Slim is a static character, meaning that he does not change over the course of the novel. He is a likable, wise, and strong person. He is the jerkline skinner, or head mule driver, on the ranch.

What is Lennie’s last name?

Lennie’s last name is Small. The last name is an ironic one because Lennie is a towering figure who dwarfs most of the people he meets.

Is Lennie innocent?

Lennie is very innocent and sweet-natured; he always means well and is focused on simple pleasures, which his dream with George reminds the reader of. He lacks awareness of social conventions and so does not feel the same racism and prejudice against women that many of the other male characters feel.

Why is Curley’s wife hated?

Many of the male characters on the ranch feel threatened by her, calling her jailbait because she is flirtatious and her husband is jealous and violent. They perceive her to be a tart because of the way that she acts around all of the men on the ranch.

Is Curley’s wife a good person?

In a letter, John Steinbeck wrote of Curley’s wife: ‘She’s a nice girl and not a floozy. She’s a nice girl at heart, but because she is lonely, she resorts to getting attention from the only people around (the guys who work on the farm), in the only way she knows how to (flirting it up with them).

Who are the main characters in of mice and men?

The protagonists of the novella are George and Lennie. Their friendship sets them apart from the other characters, all of whom are lonely and isolated to varying degrees. George and Lennie’s friendship is seen most vividly in their shared dream of owning a farm together.

Who is Lennie Small in of mice and men?

Lennie Small Lennie Small is the secondary protagonist in Of Mice and Men. He is a huge, lumbering man whose bearlike appearance masks a sweet, gentle disposition. Lennie has an unnamed mental disability—according to George … read analysis of Lennie Small

Why did George do what he did in of mice and men?

George’s behavior is motivated by the desire to protect Lennie and, eventually, deliver them both to the farm of their dreams. Though George is the source of the often-told story of life on their future farm, it is Lennie’s childlike faith that enables George to actually believe his account of their future.

Who is Carlson in of mice and men?

A laborer on the ranch. Carlson is an aggressive man who owns a Luger pistol which he prizes and cherishes. He leaps at any opportunity to use his gun, including when he shoots Candy ’s… read analysis of Carlson A laborer on the Salinas ranch where George and Lennie go to work.