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Where does Trafalgar Tours go?

Where does Trafalgar Tours go?

TRAFALGAR DESTINATION GUIDES We’ll see all the icons, from the soaring Swiss Alps, the plains of the Serengeti and the Northern Lights in Iceland, to the Great Barrier Reef, the lost city of Machu Picchu and the Mayan temples of Mexico.

Who owns Trafalgar Travel?

Tollman family
The Travel Corporationstretches across 40 award-winning brands including Trafalgar, Contiki, Insight, Cullinan, Uniworld River Cruises, Red Carnation Hotels, and others, along with Bouchard Finlayson Vineyards….The Travel Corporation.

Type Privately held company
Owner Tollman family
Number of employees 10,000

Is CostSaver tours part of Trafalgar?

Savour Europe on a budget. That’s the CostSaver way. You’ll get the best Travel Directors in the industry, 3 and 4-star hotels and authentic local meals. CostSaver tours are operated by Trafalgar.

Is CostSaver part of Trafalgar?

Over 350 coach tours around the world, and one of our clients most popular Operators, Trafalgar is part of the Travel Corporation, which includes under its umbrella the sister brands of Insight Vacations, AAT Kings, Uniworld, Contiki & Costsaver.

Which is the best tour to go to Trafalgar?

Find the best Trafalgar trips. TourRadar offers 496 tours through many different countries from Trafalgar. The tours span across 3 day to 32 day itineraries with prices ranging from USD 139 to USD 1,131 per day. “Overall, we had a great trip.

Do You Want Your Money Back from Trafalgar?

Re: Trafalgar Tours- Refuse to refund BUT they cancelled We have an upcoming tour for California coast in sept. Called said no announcement yet of this trip being cancelled. on website this trip was available for 2 dates in sept and one in October now no longer comes up when looking for this if they cancel i want our money back.

How many offices does Trafalgar Tours have in California?

Trafalgar Tours has offices in Guernsey, Anaheim, Cypress, Bondi Junction and in 2 other locations. How many offices does Trafalgar Tours have? Trafalgar Tours has 6 offices.

When was the last time Trafalgar Tours cancelled a trip?

We had a June 2020 trip they cancelled (they say suspend), and literally this is the ONLY time we can go. How can they keep our money when they did not fulfill the service we paid for?