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Where do you get the hammer in Zelda?

Where do you get the hammer in Zelda?

Mutoh’s Temple
In the first Zelda game for the Nintendo DS, Phantom Hourglass, Link gets an item simply called the Hammer. It is useful against enemies that Link was unable to defeat without it. It is found on the third floor of Mutoh’s Temple, and it is required to defeat the boss, Eox.

Where is the hammer in Link?

Death Mountain region
The Hammer is found within the Death Mountain region of western Hyrule in The Adventure of Link.

How do you attack in Phantom Hourglass?

Drag the stylus between Link and the enemy for a lethal slash attack. Similarly, slide the stylus toward the enemy for a thrust attack.

How do you beat EOX in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

When Eox is close by, use the catapult once again, but this time we want to land on top of Eox’s head. Now use Link’s sword to slash away at the blue crystal on top of his head. You lose a half of a heart if Eox throws you off of his head so strike him quickly. Repeat this process until Eox is down for good.

How heavy is the megaton hammer?

Megaton means a million tons which may be a reference to either the hammer’s power, weight (as Link needs two-hands to wield it even when wearing the strength enhancing gauntlets), or both.

Where is the mirror in Zelda 2?

Town of Saria
The Adventure of Link The Mirror belongs to a woman who lives in the Water Town of Saria, who had lost the item somewhere in town. The Mirror can be found inside the first house of the town’s second area, beneath a table.

How long does it take to beat Phantom Hourglass?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 151 17h 24m
Main + Extras 188 22h 07m
Completionists 45 32h 32m
All PlayStyles 384 21h 29m

How do you get a shield in Phantom Hourglass?

The Wooden Shield is the only shield found in Phantom Hourglass. It is distinct from other Wooden Shields in the fact that it cannot burn. It can be purchased in the Mercay Island Shop or the Goron Shop for eighty Rupees. Link is able to power up this shield using Wisdom Gems to cut the damage he takes in half.

How do I get the megaton hammer in Ocarina of Time?

Play the Song of Time to move the blue block and hit the switch it reveals. Now you can free another Goron and obtain another Small Key. Climb up blue block to go back out the door you came in through. Back in the fiery maze room, jump to the platform immediately in front of you and hammer it to make it drop.

Where is Farore’s wind in Ocarina of Time?

In Ocarina of Time, Farore’s Wind is received from the Great Fairy of Magic in Zora’s Fountain, hidden behind a destructible wall behind Lord Jabu-Jabu. It can only be cast inside dungeons that have Maps, as it allows Link to return to the entry point of that dungeon’s room from which it was cast.

How to fill the hourglass in Zelda dungeon?

Draw the hourglass symbol first, not the Triforce symbol. It should be still marked on your map from the very first time you were in this room. After the red doors opens, there is a golden jar in this room, so smash it to receive 30 more seconds of time into the hourglass. You should now be filled up completely at 25:00.

What happens when you hit a swordsman in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

The Ship here has a self-styled swordsman. He’ll offer to teach you some tricks of the trade. Hit him with your sword each time you board him for a reward. He progressively gets harder to take down, and will eventually start fighting back with a stick; if he hits you three times, the match is over.

What’s the difference between Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass?

This game has regional differences. Phantom Hourglass is a direct sequel to The Wind Waker, and the opportunity for Nintendo to implement many ideas they couldn’t put in with Wind Waker or Four Swords Adventures due to the thankfully short-lived deadline policy back then. Its massive popularity, especially in Japan, resulted in Spirit Tracks .

Where are the golden frogs in the Phantom Hourglass?

You can’t do much with the golden frogs until you’ve spoken to their king. He dwells on an uncharted island in the northwestern sea. If you go to the eastern side of the sea here and follow the rocks up to the north, you’ll find the hidden island, which actually has no map even when you land.