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What is the village Washer about?

What is the village Washer about?

Ma Lambee, the local washerwoman in the Trinidadian village of Sans Souci, falls out of favor with the other villagers when she starts charging higher fees for her washing services despite her work quality getting sloppier and more careless.

What is the setting of the village washer story?

One day in a village called Sans Souci, there was a village washer named Ma Lambee. Because of the war, she downgraded the quality of her work, which caused tears, loose buttons and dirt and perspiration to remain.

What are two of the complaints made from the residents against Ma Lambee?

What are two of the complaints made from the residents against Ma Lambee? She was not washing the clothes clean and she wanted to increase her price. She increased her prices and added more duties. She terrified the children in the neighbourhood and increased her prices for washing clothes.

Where did MA Lambee live?

Ma Lambee lived in a broken down hut under a mango tree.

What is one complaint the villagers made against Ma Lambee?

What was the story of the village washer?

Since she was the only village washer everyone depended on her to get their clothes cleaned and she also good at it. Ma Lambee lost all her customers, so she started to tell lies and spread nasty rumors about Ma Procop because she was afraid to lose her business. I have a new washing machine, that would make old clothes, new.

What happens to Ma Lambee in the village washer?

When they arrived, Ma Lambee was suprised to see Ma Procop and the ladies. Ma Procop held the mirror in front of Ma Lambee’s face and whispered fiercely to her. Ma Lambee was so terrified that she ran into her hut. The next day Ma Lambee was forced to move to Donkey City with all her belongings, never to be seen in Sans Souci again.

What did Ma Procop do in the village washer?

Blatant Lies: When Ma Procop first starts getting popular with the other villagers, Ma Lambee tries to win back her washerwoman post by saying she’s negotiating with a firm in the city to get a new type of washing machine which will make old clothes look like new.

Where was the village washer in donkey city?

The villagers’ complaints were heard all the way in Donkey City and their village washer moved to Sans Souci, with the hope of taking the business from Ma Lambee. If she feel she could come and take my business, she lie! Yay! A new village washer! I hope she’s not another Ma Lambee Yipee! No more ripped up clothes.