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What is the scientific name of apitong?

What is the scientific name of apitong?

Dipterocarpus grandiflorus
Dipterocarpus grandiflorus/Scientific names

What is apitong tree?

1 : any of several trees of the genus Dipterocarpus especially : an important Philippine timber tree (D. grandiflorus) yielding a resin used as an illuminant or varnish or for calking boats. 2 : the reddish brown wood of an apitong tree.

Is apitong tree hardwood?

Apitong is one of the most popular exotic hardwood species that comes out of South East Asia. The name Apitong has its origin as the local Philippine name and encompasses the tree species from the genus Dipterocarpus.

What is Keruing wood?

The grain is usually straight but may be shallowly interlocked, and the texture is moderately coarse or coarse, but even. The timber contains an oleo-resin which exudes in a number of pieces especially on the end grain….

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Where do apitong trees grow?

Dipterocarpus alatus or commonly known as Apitong is a tropical forest tree that can be found in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It is medium-sized of about 40 m in height with an umbrella-shaped canopy and a tall, straight, cylindrical trunk that can be up to 150 cm in diameter.

What is the scientific name of tindalo?

Afzelia rhomboidea
Afzelia rhomboidea/Scientific names

Where do Apitong trees grow?

What is the hardest tree in the Philippines?

Mangkono tree
Xanthostemon verdugonianus is known to be the hardest Philippine hardwood species. Cutting a 70-cm thick tree with axes normally requires three hours, but cutting a Mangkono tree with the same diameter usually takes two to four days.

What is the benefits of apitong tree?

– Timber: Used for medium and heavy construction; making toys and agricultural implements. – Gum or resin: Wood yields large quantities of oleo-resin (balau or minyak keruing), used as coat for waterproofing paper, caulking baskets and boats, varnishing walls and furniture. (3) Resin also used as torch fuel.

How hard is apitong wood?

Apitong Truck Decking Hardness Janka hardness: 1390lb – Apitong (Keruing) hard wood decking is an extremely hard decking option. It is over one hundred and twenty percent the hardness of red oak, one hundred and nine percent as hard as maple.

Is Keruing a hardwood or softwood?

It is a Medium Hardwood with a density of 690-945 kg/m3 air dry in Peninsular Malaysia, and with a density of 595-865 kg/m3 air dry for the species found in Sabah. The timber (depending on the species) is moderately durable to non-durable under exposed conditions in the tropics.

Is yakal wood durable?

2 | Yakal. Shorea astylosa or yakal reaches heights of about 25-30 meters when mature, and is commonly found in low altitude forests in Quezon, Camarines, Zamboanga, and Davao. This type of wood is mostly used for construction because of its strength and ability to withstand pressure or damage.