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What is Jack preoccupied with in the Lord of the Flies?

What is Jack preoccupied with in the Lord of the Flies?

While Ralph is working with most of the others making shelters down on the beach, Jack is up in the forest and down on his hands and knees. He is sniffing, smelling the ground for any scent of pigs or their droppings. He tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that was swallowing him up.

What is Jack preoccupied with Lord of the Flies chapter 3?

This quote illustrates how defensive and obsessed Jack feels about hunting. Throughout the whole chapter, he is preoccupied with devising strategies for catching a pig and wants to spend all of his time hunting, even after he lets the rest of his hunting group rest.

What is Jack concerned with?

Throughout the chapter, Ralph and Jack’s opposite priorities are depicted. Ralph is concerned with the shelters and signal fire, which are essential for survival and rescue, while Jack is only concerned about hunting.

What complaints does Ralph have what has he noticed about people Lord of the Flies?

He begins the meeting by trying to make the boys see that this is going to be a serious assembly. He gripes at them that as a group they keep making suggestions and rules, but few carry them out. Ralph complains that there is a lack of fresh water and the poor conditions of the huts as examples.

Whose eyes were bright blue seemed bolting nearly mad?

The forest and he were very still. As he continues his search, Jack stops again and tries to catch the pigs’ scent “gently with flared nostrils.” At length he let out his breath in a long sigh and opened his eyes. They were bright blue, eyes that in this frustration seemed bolting and nearly mad.

What do the Littluns symbolize?

“Littluns” refers to the young boys on the island. They represent the weak and helpless members of society, and are unpopular amongst the older boys.

Why is Jack obsessed with killing a pig?

Jack is obsessed with killing the pig for reasons of political power, and for personal validation. Thus, Jack needs to kill a pig in order to demonstrate that he and the hunters have value and can contribute to the society.

Why Jack is a bad leader?

Jack is not a good leader because he becomes obsessed with hunting; he only cares about the others if and when they can help him him hunt. He is selfish and self-absorbed, Even when he manages to provide meat, Jack is cruel and humiliating to Piggy about eating.

Why is Ralph upset with Jack?

Ralph is furious with Jack, because it was the hunters’ responsibility to see that the fire was maintained. Jack and the hunters return from the jungle, covered with blood and chanting a bizarre song. They carry a dead pig on a stake between them.

What does Ralph say about the people in general?

Ralph says that people don’t help each other much. He wanted to say that people are never really what others think they are.