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What is complication in English literature?

What is complication in English literature?

1a : complexity, intricacy especially : a situation or a detail of character complicating the main thread of a plot. b : a making difficult, involved, or intricate. c : a complex or intricate feature or element.

What are complications?

Complication: In medicine, an unanticipated problem that arises following, and is a result of, a procedure, treatment, or illness. A complication is so named because it complicates the situation.

What is an example of a complication?

Other examples of complications Sepsis (infection of the blood) may occur as a complication of a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. Miscarriage is the most common complication of early pregnancy. Eczema vaccinatum is a rare and severe complication of smallpox vaccination in people with eczema.

What does no complication mean?

an extra medical problem that makes it more difficult to treat an existing illness: If there are no complications, the doctor says that she’ll be able to come home within two weeks. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What is the meaning of complication relationship?

1. the act of complicating, or making involved. 2. a complicated condition or structure; complex, involved, or confused relationship of parts.

What is the climax in literature?

Climax, (Greek: “ladder”), in dramatic and nondramatic fiction, the point at which the highest level of interest and emotional response is achieved. In the structure of a play the climax, or crisis, is the decisive moment, or turning point, at which the rising action of the play is reversed to falling action.

What is the difference between complications and problems?

A complication is a problem or difficulty that makes a situation harder to deal with. An added complication is the growing concern for the environment. A complication is a medical problem that occurs as a result of another illness or disease.

What is the difference between complications and side effects?

If adverse effects are understood as “something that happened unexpectedly” while receiving drug treatment, there is no difference between adverse effects and complications.

What does complication mean in writing?

Complication. A Complication is when a problem or a dilemma disrupts the normal life or comfort of the characters and sets off a sequence of interesting events.

What is called when the story has its complication?

2. Complication: (Conflict) The part of the story where the main character is taking some action to resolve the conflict(s) and it’s. unsuccessful.

What is the root word of complication?

early 15c., “complex combination or intricate intermingling,” from Latin complicationem (nominative complicatio), noun of action from past participle stem of complicare “to fold together, fold up, roll up,” from com “with, together” (see com-) + plicare “to fold, weave” (from PIE root *plek- “to plait”).

What is a complication in a watch?

A complication is any function on a watch other than the display of the time. Complications can range from the very simple and commonplace to extremely rare works of high horology that combine numerous functions and can take years to create. They include: Date Complications. Chronograph Complications.

What is the meaning of the word complication?

a complicated or involved state or condition. a complex combination of elements or things. something that introduces, usually unexpectedly, some difficulty, problem, change, etc.: Because of the complications involved in traveling during the strike, we decided to postpone our trip.

Which is the most common complication in the Cambridge Dictionary?

The most common complication, however, is disturbance of pregnancy. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. 使情況複雜化的事物, 複雜化, 併發症…

Which is the best example of a complication?

Another complication is the complex politics of the area. This last example highlights a further complication. Experts say it helps control the condition and reduces complications. The journey from childhood to adulthood is tortuous enough without the added complication of geopolitical catastrophe.

What was complication of learning English that caused death?

Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. This complication had not been foreseen. He died from complications of diabetes. Little is known about the mechanism of this complication.