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What does Peter threaten to do to Ender?

What does Peter threaten to do to Ender?

Peter, a full four years older than Ender, remarks out loud that he could kill Ender by slowly crushing the air out of his lungs with his knee and how everyone would think it was an accident. Peter goes even further, telling Valentine that it will look like an accident and she will not want to blame him.

Why does Graff say Peter hates Ender?

Why does Graff say Peter hates Ender? He is jealous that he was never accepted into battle school and Ender was. How is Ender different from the other boys? Ender is not laughing with everyone, he is smarter and more serious then the other boys; he is isolated.

What is Ender’s real name?

Andrew “Ender” Wiggin
Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is a fictional character from Orson Scott Card’s 1985 science fiction novel Ender’s Game and its sequels (Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind, Ender in Exile), as well as in the first part of the spin-off series, Ender’s Shadow.

Why does Ender fear teasing?

Why does Ender fear teasing from the other kids now that he has no monitor? Because now there’s no one to protect them. By beating Stilson up so that he can scare the others away and show them that he can take care of himself without the monitor.

What is surprising and ironic about Peter apologizing to Ender?

What is surprising and ironic about Peter apologizing to Ender? Ender sees Peter’s silhouette and fears Peter will kill him. Instead, Peter apologizes and tells Ender he loves him. After the threats and cruel game playing, one would expect violence from Peter, not a profession of love.

Who always protects Ender?

Let’s add on one more thing: while Ender’s sister Valentine loves him and tries to protect him, Ender’s brother Peter seems like a psychopathic monster.

Why can Ender see Valentine?

How come Ender is able to see Valentine? Instead of beating Peter, Ender wants Peter to… He’s jealous that Demosthenes is the one getting all the power and wants Locke to get it so he could take over. She feels that she’s becoming Demosthenes and is afraid of this as she doesn’t actually believe in his views.

Why can’t Ender return home to Earth?

Ender cannot return to Earth in the earlier parts of the novel because he is still training for his mission to defeat the Buggers. Ender knows that if he returns to Earth he will become a symbolic figure. Peter will likely use him as figurehead in his schemes.

How old is Ender when he killed the buggers?

At only six years old, Ender Wiggin was taken from his family to battle school in an attempt to train him to destroy the buggers. Thousands of miles away from home, Ender had to build up courage and demonstrate that he was stronger than he possibly thought he was.

Why did Ender get his monitor removed?

He is having his monitor removed. This device had allowed the authorities to view the world as he did, and from Ender’s thoughts we learn that the monitor has made him an outcast. Ender wants Peter to stop hating him, but quickly decides that he and Peter will never be friends, because Peter is too dangerous.

How do you know Ender is intelligent?

There is no doubt that Ender is an extremely intelligent character. His intelligence and emotional stability is what got him to Battle School in the first place. What is great about Ender is that he is not only book smart, but he is also incredibly street smart.

Who says Ender Wiggin isn’t a killer he just wins thoroughly?

Orson Scott Card quote: Ender Wiggin isn’t a killer. He just wins—thoroughly.

Why does Andrew Wiggin want to make Ender have enemies?

Wants to make Ender have enemies Why is Andrew Wiggin called “third”? He is the third child and his family his parents had to get permission from government to have a third child How do you know Ender lacks faith and adults and has negative feelings towards them

How does Peter react to Ender in the Enders Game?

Peter uses the monitor against Endor to dominate him Ender knows Peter has a bad heart How does Peter react to Ender now that the monitor is gone? Peter starts to become abusive causing Ender to become suicidal. How are the attitudes of Peter in the government like?

What does Mick tell Ender to help him succeed at launches?

Reversed for leader of launches. What does Mick tell Ender will help him succeed at the Academy? A leader, make friends, kiss his ass. Ender is not moved to tears when Dap gives him a loving touch. How is Ender able to put on his “lying” face?

What gives Ender Hope in the Enders Game?

He wants to live like the other kids and fit in. Ender imagines the salamander army as the wolves in the game. What gives Ender hope in the midst of these “wolves”?