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What do you call a person that cleans homes?

What do you call a person that cleans homes?

A janitor (American English, Scottish English), custodian, porter, cleanser, cleaner or caretaker is a person who cleans and maintains buildings. Janitors’ primary responsibility is as a cleaner. In some cases, they will also carry out maintenance and security duties.

What is another word for a person that cleans?

What is another word for cleaning person?

servant menial
cleaner charwoman
housekeeper maidservant
serf footman
help equerry

What is a professional word for house cleaner?

What is another word for house cleaner?

housekeeper maid
servant biddy
chambermaid caretaker
housewife house girl
domestic cleaner

What do you call someone who cleans bathrooms?

A bathroom attendant, restroom attendant, toilet attendant, or washroom attendant, is a cleaner for a public toilet. Some restroom attendants also provide services to the patrons, and keep good order by preventing drug-taking and fights.

What is another word for cleaning lady?

What is another word for cleaning lady?

maid housemaid
handmaiden help
housekeeper skivvy
abigail char
charlady cleaner

Is a maid and a housekeeper the same?

“If a home is large enough to warrant more than one person on staff, the main staff member would be called the maid or the butler, while the general cleaning employees are considered housekeepers.”

What is another name for a cleaning lady?

What will you do to keep your city neat and clean?

You can help keep your city clean by these simple everyday actions: Take your food wrappings, drink containers, newspapers and other potential litter home with you and dispose of it through your domestic waste stream, or use one of the 1,400 litter bins provided in the city’s streets and parks.

Do maids do laundry?

In addition to our home cleaning, Merry Maids® offers laundry services that help you check even more items off your to-do list. We’ll make sure that coming home doesn’t feel like a chore. Some of our locations will load the washing machine with laundry and detergent and finish a load while they also clean your house.

What does a maid do in a house?

Maids are individuals who perform domestic chores like ironing, grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry. Primarily, maids oversee the maintenance of wardrobes, serve meals, and lay out clothes. They can carry out their job independently and adhere to the strict schedules set for them.

What is the difference between a housekeeper and a cleaning lady?

Housekeepers may do light cleaning more regularly, while house cleaners perform deep cleaning less often. House cleaner and housekeeper — they sound the same, but they actually involve two very different jobs and duties. Are you looking for someone to clean the kitchen, scrub the toilets and make appliances shine?

What is the difference between a cleaning lady and a maid?

A “Maid” is a direct employee of the family to whom he/she is providing service to usually paid an hourly salary. “House Cleaning” is essentially an investment in protecting a home, family or office from dust & germs. These services are usually provided weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

How do you find a house cleaner?

Another good way to find a reliable house cleaner is by asking the cleaner for references. Ask the cleaner whether you can speak with some of their clients. Contacting a cleaner’s current clients will help you know more about the quality of the cleaning services offered by the house cleaner.

What is another word for housecleaner?

other words for housecleaner. charwoman. cleaning lady. cleaning service. daily. daily woman. household help. housekeeper. housemaid.

What is another word for “cleaning person”?

Synonyms for cleaning person. attendant. custodian. sitter. superintendent. caretaker. concierge. doorkeeper.