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What did Dumbledore say he saw in the mirror?

What did Dumbledore say he saw in the mirror?

During a 2007 web chat on, Rowling revealed that what he really saw when he looked in the Mirror in Sorcerer’s Stone was something very similar to Harry’s own vision. “He saw his family alive, whole and happy,” she explained.

What does the mirror say in Harry Potter?

Carved along the top of the mirror is the engraving from the books and movies: “Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.” Read backwards, the message says, “I show you not your face but your heart’s desire.” Though the mirror in the books and movies is full-length, this one won’t take up much space in your home.

Why does Dumbledore see Grindelwald in the mirror?

Dumbledore sees Grindelwald, both as a young man and the older Dark Wizard, in the Mirror of Erised because he never stopped being in love with him and always hoped they could be together, which is why he was reluctant to fight him for years (he won’t face him until 1945).

What does Dumbledore say when Harry asks what is that?

Dumbledore tells Harry he is not truly dead, and thus has a choice. He can catch a train and go “on” from King’s Cross, presumably to the real afterlife, or he can go back into his body in the Forbidden Forest and try to save more lives and souls.

What is the broken mirror in Harry Potter 7?

The mirror shard was a gift from Sirius given to Harry in “Order of the Phoenix.” The mirror is part of a set that allows people to communicate with each other. After Sirius’ death, Harry put it in his school trunk and forgot about it.

Why did Harry go to Kings Cross when he died?

With the destruction of all of his Horcruxes, when Voldemort’s Killing Curse rebounded and finally ended his life once and for all, his broken and mangled soul was forced to exist in the stunted form Harry saw in King’s Cross.

Who said it’s our choices Harry?

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” These wise words, spoken after Harry has emerged from the Chamber of Secrets, abate Harry’s fear that he shares traits with Tom Riddle. Dumbledore explains the connection between the major heroic lessons in this novel.

What does Dumbledore see when he drinks the potion?

Dumbledore seemed to have terrible nightmares or visions, and was almost too weak to stand up after drinking the potion. Kreacher said that when Voldemort forced him to drink the emerald potion his “insides burned” and he saw “terrible things” (DH10).

What does Dumbledore tell Harry in the mirror of Erised?

That’s what Dumbledore tells Harry he sees in the Mirror of Erised during their first ever face-to-face conversation in Philosopher’s Stone. As an introduction to Dumbledore it’s pretty telling: an evasive answer, yes, but one given kindly and with his classic, whimsical sense of humour that stops Harry asking any more questions.

What do we know about Professor Dumbledore from the mirror?

All of which is to say that Dumbledore is a pretty mysterious man. But his penchant for keeping certain things to himself can’t hide his warmth and kindness: this is a wizard who trusts Hagrid with his life, gently reminds Harry not to dwell on dreams and notices and rewards Neville Longbottom for standing up to his friends.

What happens in the mirror of Erised in Fantastic Beasts?

In Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the Mirror of Erised depicts both Albus Dumbledore together with Gellert Grindelwald and the two of them forming their blood pact, despite the latter simply being a re-enactment of something which had already happened, rather than something which Dumbledore desired.

How did Dumbledore feel about Harry being brought up by the Dursleys?

Professor McGonagall is horrified to think of Harry being brought up by the Dursleys, but Dumbledore is adamant that leaving him to the care of his Muggle relatives is for the best.