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What bone serves as a brace between the sternum?

What bone serves as a brace between the sternum?

The clavicle, or collarbone, is a slender, S-shaped long bone approximately 6 inches (15 cm) long that serves as a strut between the shoulder blade and the sternum (breastbone). There are two clavicles, one on the left and one on the right. The clavicle is the only long bone in the body that lies horizontally.

What divides the scapula into uneven portions?

The dorsal surface divides into two unequal parts via the scapular spine which runs across from the posterior scapula before forming the acromion. Above the spine is the supraspinous fossa and below it is the infraspinous fossa.

Where are the 5 palmar bones?

Organization of Skeleton – The Pectoral Girdle and Upper Limb

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Greater tubercle can be found on what bone? Humerus
What are the five palmar bones called? Metacarpals
What are the fourteen bones in digits called? Phalanges
What bone does the intertubercular groove (sulcus) belong to? Humerus

How does the clavicle attach to the sternum?

The clavicle is an anterior bone whose sternal end articulates with the manubrium of the sternum at the sternoclavicular joint. The sternal end is also anchored to the first rib by the costoclavicular ligament. The acromial end of the clavicle articulates with the acromion of the scapula at the acromioclavicular joint.

Which structure is located on the sternum?

The sternum or breastbone is a long flat bone located in the central part of the chest. It connects to the ribs via cartilage and forms the front of the rib cage, thus helping to protect the heart, lungs, and major blood vessels from injury….

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How do you determine a left from a right scapula quizlet?

How can you tell the difference between a left scapula and right scapula? The coracoid process (hook-shaped and on the transverse plane) is on the anterior side. Also look at the glenoid fossa (socket) to see where the humerus goes in. You just studied 7 terms!